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  1. The provisions of the Patriot Act you are referring to regarding providing ID applies to banks and financial institutions, not regular businesses. They are not required to ask for ID before cashing a check.
  2. Here's a guide to landlord-tenant law in MO: Your best and most obvious option is to move.
  3. A conspiracy is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime. All members of the conspiracy don't have to be charged with a crime nor do they have to named defendants. I'm simply pointing out that by your own account, you did conspire. That it involved someone not named or charged doesn't change that...
  4. You're still going to need testimony from a medical person--one that treated your mother. The medical records are hearsay and someone will have to testify that was a witness to the representations by the person who authorized the termination of life-support.
  5. So you agreed to with the girl to promote prostitution. That's still a conspiracy....
  6. Section 26-2A-70 Appointment and status of guardian of minor. A person may become a guardian of a minor by parental appointment or upon appointment by the court. The guardianship status continues until terminated, without regard to the location from time to time of the guardian or minor ward. Guardianship is ALWAYS subject to review and revocation. Temporary guardianship is a term generally used when custody is with a proposed guardian and the matter is set for contested hearing before the court. Once the letters are issued, it's no longer temporary, but it's not permanent in the sense that it can always be revisited or reviewed.
  7. You didn't say who was supervising the visits. That matters. You'd also need their cooperation to testify that you are appropriate and the kids would benefit from spending more time with you. If that person supervising can't do it for more than an hour a week, you're going to need to find someone suitable to both the court and the mother if you want an increase.
  8. If the court placed you in foster care, it's the court that holds legal custody and only the court can give you permission to marry before you turn 18 and become legally an adult by operation of law.
  9. Constitutional rights are personal rights, you can't asset them on behalf of another person, including your son. His attorney will address his rights.
  10. Yes. If you win, they'll send you the money back.
  11. No, not under CA's tort claims act. If the claim is denied, you file suit within 6 months of the date the denial letter was postmarked.
  12. They denied the claim so you have to sue if you want money. If damages are less than $10K, you can pursue it in small claims.
  13. The only thing that might apply is the obstruction and that depends upon what she removed. All the other statutes you're looking at don't apply to situations where you are just answering police questions or telling other people. None of those are given under oath.
  14. Mississippi has few actual consumer protections. The statute ( MS Code § 85-7-107 (2016) ) says that you have to pay if you want the truck back. Doesn't matter that someone else contracted for the work or that you didn't know about it or approve it.
  15. None. They aren't required to file anything unless and until the court asks for it. If the Appellant doesn't file their brief in time, their appeal is dismissed.
  16. Without medical bills, your claim isn't worth more than $5K. Take the money and find another favorite restaurant.
  17. No. There is no common law marriage in CA and if he isn't on the deed to the property, he has legal interest to claim in it. He has no more rights than a tenant.
  18. High school or college. You can certainly register yourself for adult school to obtain your high school diploma. Check with the local school district.
  19. You don't have standing to do anything. As to how you think your mother should spend child support money--she pays rent, utilities and provides food and clothing, gas, etc.. She's not required to justify how she spends it and neither you nor the payor parent are entitled to an accounting. While support is for the child, it's payable to the parent and theirs to spend. Arrearages completely belong to the payee parent.
  20. This worker's comp claim should already be closed....years ago by settlement.
  21. Look at it this way--you're not entitled to a pardon. It's a grant, a gift, that the governor can give with the agreement of 2 members of the clemency board. There is no timeline for him to decide and generally, governors don't act on petitions until they've got on foot out the office door.
  22. First if the need for the animal is based upon a pre-existing condition that occurred prior to the injury involved in the comp claim, then no, replacing the animal would not be covered. Additionally, replacing the dog would not include anything other than the animal. They're not going to be responsible for the feeding and care of the animal.
  23. You are entitled to a hearing on the revocation but the standard of proof is lower. You don't have to be convicted of the new charge to still be violated. Consult local counsel.
  24. No they can revoke probation or SIS at any time when there's a new charge. Sometimes they wait to see how the new case turns out first.
  25. Of course he is entitled to 1/2 of your mother's money in that account. You should provide an accounting.