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  1. What type of support are you asking about? Is it spousal or child support? If it's spousal support, that is not something that is automatically ordered by a court and initially depends upon how long you were married.
  2. It's a summary offense which is is the most minor type of criminal offense and is often called a “non-traffic citation.” If you pick up no other offenses, after 5 years, you can get it expunged.
  3. Simple living together will not create a common law marriage in any state, including TX To meet the requirements of common law marriage in Texas the parties to the marriage MUST : (1) agree to be married (2) After the agreement live together, in Texas, as wife and husband AND (3) "Hold Out" or tell others that they are married. These three requiements must be present at the same time OR the couple must have filed a declaration of informal marriage. The party asserting there is a common law marriage has the burden of proving it. Absent a marriage, your property is your property.
  4. If a veterinarian states in writing that the dog has died due to an illness or disease that existed within 15 days after your took possession of the dog via sale by a pet dealer, or if the dog died from a congenital or hereditary condition that was diagnosed within one year after the sale by a pet dealer, you choose between getting your money back for the dog plus vet fees OR you get a new dog of equal value plus the vet fees. The vet fees cannot exceed the purchase price. If you paid $400 for the dog that died, you can either get your $400 back (plus sales tax) and no more $400 more to cover the vet bills or get a new dog and no more than $400 for the vet bills on the dead dog.
  5. Take a look at this:
  6. If she is a minor, any contract she enters into is voidable during her minority, even if she isn't delusional. It would be better if you addressed your issue with staff, unless of course you weren't supposed to have the phone in the first place.
  7. New president, new policies....
  8. If you want to buy from a local reputable breeder, common sense says you deal with them directly. There are websites such as puppyfind where you can find a breeder of whatever kind of purebred or mix you want,
  9. Been a long day...I was thinking per month and then I transposed the numbers. It's $4.16 per month
  10. Statutory interest is 10% per annum, or 0.083% of the unpaid balance owed without the prior accrued interest. It is not compounded interest, so, if they originally owed $500 and didn't pay anything, at the end of 12 months, they'd owe you $4.61 in interest.
  11. Since MJ is stored in the fat cells, it can show up in urine 60 days after the last time you used so if you need to clean up, start now.
  12. Do you mean his biological child was adopted by someone else? If that's the case, the child cannot inherit absent being specifically named in the will. If it's HIS adopted child, then they inherit the same as a natural child.
  13. Tickets are just notices. I'm assuming since your car was towed that you were driving on a suspended license. That is a criminal offense, a 1st degree misdemeanor carrying up to 6 months in jail. It's the local prosecutor's office that has to file the charges. I'd suggest you contact an attorney local to that county for assistance.
  14. The charge date is the date the criminal complaint was filed with the court. When she was arrested is irrelevant when that occurred after the date the charges were filed. The date of the offense would be in the body of the complaint.
  15. If he intends to cite you, the ticket will be mailed to you. If you don't hear anything, he decided to let it go. A citation is just a notice.