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  1. Yes, he could choose to pay the $225 filing fee for limited civil under $10K vs. $30 for small claims and then deal with spending a whole lot of money paying for the attorney's time. Of course, he would be smart to review the terms of his lease which probably allow the landlord to keep the money.
  2. It would be a small claims action and attorney representation isn't permitted.
  3. Do your talking in court. Sending anonymous texts is not a wise idea.
  4. Not only probation but the court has to agree to placement and the court has to actually order it. Why not start by talking to your PO? There are few options outside family but you can be placed in a group home...
  5. What were the terms specified in your lease?
  6. That's a matter of state law and you didn't identify a state. With that said, do you really need a law to tell you to do the right thing?
  7. So? Unless you had a written contract of employment or were a member of a union under a CBA, you were an at will employee that could be terminated at any time for no reason at all. Firing somebody for having a pending, I'm guessing, criminal case, is not illegal even if they choose to not fire another employee who has one.
  8. In Michigan, according to the court rules, there's no right to appeal a judgment based on a plea of guilty or nolo contendere. Even if there was, the appeal must be filed within 21 days of the entry of the judgment. That time has passed. You can hire an attorney who knows how to petition the appellate court for leave to appeal beyond the 21 days. After that petition is filed and served, the prosecutor and the court then have 21 days to file an answer to that petition. Do the math. The 60 day full suspension will be up the end of this month. But just to cement the point: IF you are then granted leave to appeal, the trial court record has to be prepared and filed with court and then when that's all received, you have 28 days to prepare and file your opening brief. The respondents and real party then have time to file a response brief and before you know it, that full suspension period is up. When briefing is done then the case sits, waiting in line behind all the appeals filed before it. Chances are good by the time the appeal is actually argued, you've spent a ton of money and are no longer subject even to the restricted license part of the order....
  9. ADD

    We told you months ago it was going to be denied because you didn't get the trial court's permission to appeal the order as required.
  10. Sounds like the restriction was a term of probation which makes it part of your sentence. You can't generally can't appeal a sentence that is within the appropriate range of possible sentences. You can ask the court to lift the restriction but don't count on it.
  11. It's a lot more complicated than that. In order to go after another man as a potential father, you have to first disestablish the paternity of the legal father--your husband-- and then pursue a paternity action against the doctor. If you are no longer married, then it may be too late since the court would have declared the child a child of the marriage and the time to challenge the child's paternity should have been at that time. Even if the doctor is the father, all you can possibly get is child support for a kid who's legally lost the only father he/she knew. A medical malpractice claim would be a no-go since it must be filed within two years of the physician’s act (or failure to act) from which the claim arises. Alternatively, a claim must be filed within six months of when it was discovered or reasonably should have been discovered, if two years have passed. All claims must be brought within six years of the act or omission giving rise to the claim. It's been 8 years later.... .
  12. You have to prove it first. Has the other putative father taken a DNA test? How many people did you have sex with in the two weeks prior to the procedure?
  13. The CA lemon law doesn't apply to used vehicles, big rig or compact car. Unless the dealership provided a written warranty, the sale was as-is and the cost of repairs are the buyer's problem.
  14. Not that I could find BUT, it is within the attorney's discretion to withhold that stuff and it's often a good idea when the defendant is in custody.
  15. It's the state agency collecting the support that puts the notice in to the IRS for a refund withholding for arrears. Call and talk to them. To avoid this, change your withholding so you don't get a refund and you have the money to spend throughout the year.