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  2. Unfortunately, NC has a very short notice of termination period - 7 days for month to month tenancy. I suggest you carefully study the landlord tenant statutes to see if you have any defenses that may delay your eviction. See if there is a local legal aid or tenant rights agency that can help you.
  3. A family friend helped rent a home for my 2 children and myself. He resides at the beach not in the home with us.. The property owner was aware the home was rented for us to reside in.. The friend has recently made advances which I ignored and eventually and repeatedley turned down.. After riding by my home a close friends vehicle was seen by the family friend who decided to stop and cause problems. I ended up calling the police dept to have him leave the property. In return he called the property owner who the next day called me telling me I needed to pack because I was getting g the /@""@*$ out of her house making references to my "boyfriend" being behind in rent this month etc. Threatened to call DSS on me and hung up the phone.. I have a paper the family friend signed and had notarized when we moved in stating the home was rented for us. I have multiple text messages stating the home was rented for us and the property owner was aware of this. She is now stating we haven't allowed her to do her walk-through that I have texts 2 days before papers were taken out stating she left here smiling etc.. Everything on the paperwork she filed stating the reasons for eviction I have text messages contradicting. I have abided by everything I was to abide by.. They also failed to wait the allowed 10 days between her verbally eviction notice and the court papers taken out that were served on us.. My name is not on the actual lease tho I have all evidence stating she was aware of the living arrangements.. I have court on the 23rd of this month today being the 19th.. What if any are my rights to being able to stay in my home.. It's not right we're losing our home due to a personal vendetta.
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  5. Thank you so much. So it seems that I may be able to have it disclosed after 5 years. Do you know if that is 5 years after the original date of the offense or if it is after the date that I was released from prison after the revocation of probation?
  6. Texas expungement law[1] allows expungement of arrests which did not lead to a finding of guilt, and class C misdemeanors if the defendant received deferred adjudication, and completed a community supervision.[1] If the defendant was found guilty, pleaded guilty, or pleaded no contest to any offense other than a class "C" misdemeanor, it is not eligible for expungement; however, it may be eligible for non-disclosure if deferred adjudication was granted. An Order of NonDisclosure acts is an option for those that are not eligible for an expungement/expunction in Texas. An Order of Non-Disclosure does not completely eradicate your record like that of a criminal expungement, but seals it from public domain. Your record may be visible to certain government agencies but to the rest of the public, it will not be able to be viewed/found.[8] Typically, record sealing in Texas is available to those who have successfully completed all terms of deferred adjudication probation. For a misdemeanor in Texas, you can seal your record immediately after completing your deferred adjudication. For a felony, you must wait 5 years to seal your record. The following charges are never eligible for a non-disclosure: Aggravated and Regular Sexual Assault Indecency with a Child Prohibited Sexual Conduct Aggravated Kidnapping Burglary of Habitation with intent to commit the above-listed offenses Compelling Prostitution Sexual Performance of a Child Child Pornography charges Unlawful Restraint, Kidnapping, or Aggravated Kidnapping of a person younger than 17 years old Attempt, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit any of the above-listed offenses Capital Murder or Murder Injury to a Child, Elderly or Disabled person Abandoning or Endangering a Child Violation of a Protective Order Stalking Family Violence The Texas Young Lawyers Association and State Bar of Texas provide an informational packet about expungement as a service to the public.[
  7. In 2010, I received an UMV felony charge for a rental car I had for for 3 months. 1 month not fully paid. At first I took 5 years probation w/ deferred adjudication, but it got really hard for me to get a job and pay an $11,000 + fine w/ the felony on my record plus support my kids. I found myself homeless for some years. I ended up violating for nonpayment. Instead of being reinstated I opted to do the time. I ended up getting 7 months State Prison time in 2014. I got out March 2015. It still has been really hard to get work because it looks fresh on my record. I want to know if I am able to get it expunged off my record... Can someone PLEASE help me? I did get an approval from the nursing board to be able to sit for the exam, but I have to work while I go to school and I cannot find anyone to give me a job or at least take a chance on me.
  8. You just contradicted yourself. All the more reason to have your insurance handle it, in addition to your policy requiring you to report it. As I wrote earlier, he's got you over a barrel. As long as you don't want to involve your insurance, you pay him what he wants and don't argue about it.
  9. And you didn't have the sense not to go there?
  10. Just to be clear, making a partial payment won't "revive" or restart the SOL. Beyond that, what you do is up to you.
  11. Ummm....the OP tripped over a post...located on a golf course. As you might be aware, golf courses have "holes" that are played (18 or more). This was not a situation in which someone tripped in a hole. The Drop Box link previously provided no longer works. Had you seen the photo provided, I doubt you would think this. The post over which the OP tripped was one of several gray posts that clearly stood out against the bright green grass of the golf course. It's now been nearly two years, so the applicable SOL is expired or nearly expired.
  12. If your default was in 2015, then the creditor is still within the 4-year limitations period to bring suit against you. "Reviving" has to do with acknowledging the claim or making a part payment after the expiration of the limitations period. It doesn't really apply to discussions that may occur during the limitations period. A cease-and-desist letter should stop the calls, but won't prevent them from filing suit to collect on the debt.
  13. I defaulted on a payday loan in 2015 (insufficient funds in account when they tried to collect). I now live in a different state and a "mediation" company is calling my family members about a civil matter against me. I read the Statue of Limitations in CA on a payday loan is 4 years. I don't want to revive anything-- but, should I ask them to verify debt? Or, ask for their address for cease and desist letter? Thank you in advance!
  14. It's a bit late to chime in, but seeing the thread here, I'd like to add something. The presence of the hole does not automatically mean the property owner was negligent, but a skilled lawyer might be able to build a case and negotiate a good settlement. I'm not in the position to judge your motive, and I think deciding if you were indeed inconvenienced and injured due to a person's negligence is up to the court. To make your case, you must prove that the property owner created or caused the dangerous condition (the hole covered with sod) and that he/she was aware of the danger but did not repair despite having a reasonable amount of time to do so.These things are better discussed personally with a lawyer. My answer here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice.
  15. Sorry to hear about your injury, which sounds severe. It’s good that you’ve received workers’ compensation. You mentioned that you already have an attorney who has decided to file suit on your behalf, so I suppose you're just asking for general advice. I’d say it sounds like a difficult but not exactly an unwinnable case. You have to prove that the rock that tripped you constituted a “dangerous condition,” which arose due to the negligence of the property owner. Since you have been delivering mail on that route for years without tripping, the rock in this instance was either: (A) a new development (in w/c case the owner is entitled to a reasonable amount of time to find out about the rock and remove it), or (B) not an unreasonably dangerous condition (meaning the owner has no legal duty to remove every little rock from his walkway). Remember, this answer is for informational purposes only. To get the best legal advice, speak with your attorney. Good luck!
  16. card house is in a high crime area with easy access to freeway robbed in parking lot, to my knowledge has there been a robbery their,open just a short time.but the 3 owners are previous owners of card houses in that area all had robbery on premises.
  17. Sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you got immediate medical treatment, filed an incident report with your employer, and kept records of everything. There are some key details missing in your question, so it’s difficult to get too specific in this answer. I’m not sure why “failed drug screen” was included in your question title. Also, laws regarding workers’ compensation vary from state to state, and you didn’t mention where this incident took place. At any rate, if you are from a no-fault state, it doesn’t matter who is responsible for the injury. If you got injured while on the clock, you are entitled to compensation including medical expenses and lost wages. The tradeoff in most cases (barring extraordinary recklessness or misconduct on the part of your employer) is that you can’t sue your company. It’s insurance which pays for your compensation. This answer is for informational purposes only. To get legal advice, I strongly recommend that you consult with a lawyer who has experience with workers’ comp cases. Good luck!
  18. Thank you for the replies and I apologize for being so impatient, I wasn't sure if responses where from other time zones! Anyway, I did not back into him, but since this was so minor I was willing to pay him to basically go away, as I don't want to get into a he said/she said dispute, etc. Truthfully, I'd rather spend a few dollars to move on. Today, I viewed the gas station video camera, which shows my car pulling forward, but can't see where both parties where originally stopped. I asked for the other driver to send me a photo of his license, but he refused and told me to pay him. At this point, I only have his first name, which of course could be false or not. On the estimate he had, it has another ladies name and I asked if she was the owner and he said that he was under her policy, so totally confused with the whole situation, not even sure who owns the car and he apparently doesn't want to give much info. At this point, I am thinking of not communicating with him and he can file a claim if he wants. I just hate to have a claim filed for such a minor incident, but I don't feel comfortable dealing with him. When I asked for a photo of his license he got very snippy with me, threating to call the insurance company. I drove by the address that was on the estimate and the car was on the street and took some photos. I know the damage was there prior to our meeting, as there is a missing fog light, but not one at the scene and there is some red paint on the grill, my car is not red. Not to mention, I don't even have a scratch on my car, which seems highly unlikely. Thanks again for listening.
  19. Lesson learned: In future do not confide deeply personal matters with supervisors. That’s what real friends—outside of the workplace—are for. If you need time off or treatment for anxiety or some other psychological or physical reason, let your doctor’s statement be the explanation.
  20. Sorry to hear that you were robbed. In California, business owners do have a general duty to ensure reasonable security measures against criminal activity on their premises. But that duty is not absolute. Some crimes are not foreseeable. Also, criminals may be able to overcome even reasonable security and commit a crime anyway. In this case, there are not enough details to conclude that the casino owners were negligent. You mention that they had three security guards who were “socializing unaware of actions 15ft away, caught on video no one watching.” But how exactly did the robbers get a gun inside the casino? How many other people were robbed? Were the security guards also held at gunpoint? Has the casino been robbed before? Another option you can consider is to file a civil claim directly against the robbers to recover what was stolen from you if they are caught. After all, your financial damage is a direct result of their crime. In any case, the best thing for you to do is to consult with an experienced attorney who can listen to your case in greater detail. This answer is for informational purposes only, so you still need to hire a lawyer who can give you the best legal advice. Good luck!
  21. Sorry about your miscarriage and your gas trouble at home. I can't imagine living in my own home and being poisoned slowly at the same time. It must have been awful for you and your family. The inhalation of toxic fumes by your family seems to me like the product of someone else's negligence, and it would be worth consulting this with a lawyer to have a clear view of your options. There are lawyers that can enlighten you about your situation, the laws covering cases like this, the bearer of liability, and the possibility of filing a claim or suit. You should probably contact a lawyer soon to help you solve this problem immediately. Disclaimer: This answer is NOT legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.
  22. I'm sorry to hear about your back. I think your back injury requires serious medical attention, and you should probably get an additional professional opinion if the pain persists and prevents you from working. The case you described here seems to qualify you for worker's comp at the minimum. The jacks giving out on the trailer is definitely something beyond your control--an accident--and your employer has the obligation to cover the expenses you incurred because of the injury. Workplace accidents are difficult to qualify, but there's always the possibility of negligence in cases like this. As for what you should do about your work, that depends on you. It's recommended to talk to a lawyer about your case, especially as it looks like your boss isn't concerned with your well-being. Please don't take this post as a substitute for legal advice. It is not meant to create an attorney-client relationship.
  23. Appreciate your insight. Had anyone known there was a trust, I don't think I would be writing in ( ) I do believe it's deceitful. If anyone applies for food stamps, say, and then 3 years later JFS finds out you own a mansion elsewhere... pretty sure they would want paid back. Thank you again!
  24. Hi I was buying a house. Perfect house. Went through all the bull****. Got to a closing date. December 19th.Signed paper work, started moving in. My bank screwed up and I wasn't able to send the down payment. I got the bank mess handled. They set a second closing date. The morning of December 28th I was told I was denied the loan. We were threatened with the Sheriff because we were trespassing. So we packed up everything and left. Found out that the mortgage company reported the mortgage on my credit report. I called them. They verified that it is my mortgage. They even accepted a payment and gave me a confirmation number. But the house is newly listed again, and says it's under contract. As a matter of fact, they were showing the house when I was leaving with the last load of my stuff. Anyone have any suggestions? or ever been through anything like this? I called an attorney, thew wrong attorney, he said for $2500 and $300 an hour he could look into it. And that he suggest I get an attorney. But I need to put a roof over my childrens heads first. And that is proving to be difficult because of this $216,000.00 my credit report says I owe, and the mortgage company's 13 hard hits lowered my score significantly. I'll be lucky to find anyone to rent to me. Right now my daughters and I are at a hotel with our animals. Only place we could go quickly. This is a nightmare! I just don't know what to do.
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  26. You are at fault. You backed into a stationary object. If you dispute damages, then ask to have the estimate performed at a body shop of your choosing and see if they come up with a different number. Otherwise, you will have to pay what is asked and get a Release, or refuse to pay, and force him to sue you. You can then demand that the vehicle be produced for inspection at a body shop of your choosing to come up with another estimate.
  27. Start with these two questions: 1 - What was the date of the accident? 2 - What dealings have you had so far with the other driver's insurance company? Understand that you get no money for your injuries until you are fully recovered or have reached maximum medical improvement and your claim can be quantified. That could take a few months or many months or even just a few weeks. It never hurts to talk to a lawyer but it could be premature to actually hire one and commit a third of your recovery to the lawyer. For all you know, you could recover quickly with little or no ill effect and your claim won't be worth much. And it doesn't become worth more if the air bag contributed. Concentrate on treatment and recovery. You've got a ways to go before thinking about money.
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