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need help with a robbery at my home, and landowner giving someone permission to go in, without my permission. can she do that?

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Posted 06 February 2013 - 07:26 PM

my mother in law owns a home and 2 acre piece of land in a beautiful urban area in the city where i live. it was her old family home she raised her children in. the taxes for the home and land became too much for her to pay so she was just going to let the place go. Her son is the love of my life and we decided to fix the place up to live in with my children. Well my significant other, her son, is currently incarcerated in the county jail which we reside. an old friend of ours who just got out of jail for burglary called her and asked her if it was ok if he went inside the home, without me or my husband there, to get a few things he left there months ago when he stayed with us. He had nothing there and i told him this. i even told him not to go in without one of us there. My husbands mother should not have been able to give him permission without my consent to go in! Since my husband got arrested, i had to stay with my dad and not at the house. the power was off at the time. i found it best to stay with him til i got the power cut back on. The old friend who went into the house, refused me to be there with him and a neighhbor had been keeping watch on the house for me and i told her to call me immediately if she seen someone there she did not now. that's how i learned the guy was there taking stuff out my house. Can My husbands mother give consent for someone i did not want in my house permission to go in, because she is the person who partially owns the place? something does not seem right with this and i want to know my rights!

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 03:53 AM

Your boyfriend's mother owns the property. (Your post suggests you are not married to her son, so she's not actually your mother-in-law.) That gives her the right to possession and use of the property, including inviting whomever she wishes to enter onto the property. If you had a lease agreement with her in which you had exclusive possession and use of the property during the lease term (like the typical apartment or house lease with some unrelated landlord), then she'd not be able to do that because you as the tenant have the right of possession and use and the landlord has the right to the rents you are obligated to pay. It's unclear exactly what the nature of the arrangement you and your “significant other” had with her, and that’s important to determining what rights each of you have. If she simply gave you permission to live in her home, that's not enough to give you exclusive possession and use of the place. You might want to review all the details of the arrangement with a local real estate attorney to find out exactly where you stand here.

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 11:16 AM

What ownership interest do you have with this property? I also agree with the previous poster, that you may want to consult with a local Real Estate Lawyer to advise you further on this matter.

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