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Real Estate residential single family,red tag violatio, abatement uninhabital, removed by sherrif just before trust deed foreclosure sale,

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 10:20 AM

I owned the property for 12 years .It was a rental [-property with three units. I was forced to move into the main house two yeatrs ago when my last attorney screwed up real bad. I owned another house two blocks away and they were both in forclosure with trust deed sale dates three weeks apart. I was trying to make my primary residence mortgage current and pay any owed balance , THIS WAS ON A FRIDAY THAT NEXT MONDAY THE KNOCK ON THE DOOR BYTHE NEW OWNER WHO WAS SERVING 3 Day pay or quit, as I was on the two phones one with my mortgage co. and the other was the mortgageco attorney trying to get the amountowed to make the loan current and they would not give me a figure or takea 30,000.00 wiretransfer AND i HAD TO GET OUT OF MY PRIMARY RESIDENCE OF 20 YEARS........... and the lawyer informed me that the rental unit WAS FIRSTON TGHE TRUST DEED SALE LIST AND NOT TO WORRY THERE IS PLETY OF TIME TO MAKE THE PAYMENT......tHIS WAS ALL CONFIRMED IN AN E-MAIL SENT TO ME FROM THE ATTORNEWY OF MINE OFFICE SHOWING THE NEGLECT OF MIXING UP NTHE TWO PROPERTIES AND THERE DATE OF SALE..er.a. lAW WAS THE LAW FIRM AND TJHEY WERE DOING A REMODIFICATION OF MY **** MORTGAGE DUE NTO MY HARD SHIP at 3500.00 my hardship came from being injuried at work I.. AM DISABLED from a blow to the head, brain damage,3 level lumbar surgery , two level cervical and eye surgery torn retina ... so that brings me to present problem... I am forced to file B.K and the B.K. attorney charges 7500.00 and files chapter 13 cause I dont wont to lose the house......The last property I own.....andthe two other units would almost cover the mortgage.every time I met with this attiorney I always asked him or told him thatWht ever happends I cant lose this house I am disabled on a fixed income and I have a awfe and threre little girls.........my tenants end up beingb assholes and stop paying rent so that forced us to go to cahpter B.K./....as long as I can keep the house I dont care...well come 5o find out the attorney screwed me and never petition the court to enfporce the stay and the trust deed sale came he told me that it was the second mortgage so9 dont worry even thou the first and second were with the same bank ****.....it wasnt the second it was the gfirst and it soldsept 17 2012 mean while the county issending me nasty letters about unpermitted wundows and dirty unkept front and fences were tohigh........bla abla bla....so I call them and they want t0 enter the pro[perty and look at the rental uniot in the rear cause the bithch tenant was complainiung. so we said okay you can go into the rental and check the smoke detectors so they came with an armyof people and went into the reaer unit and condem it red tagh and then forced their un invited asses into my resiidence while I was a sleep.....no warrant no court order and condem and red tagged the whole property on oct 25 th ...they came back at 10.00 pm with the sherriff AND DEMANDED THAT WE LEAVE THE PROPERTY... mY THREE DAUGHTERS 9 10 AND 12 IN THER p.j. HALF AS;LEEP AND ME IN A ROBE JUST OUT OF THE SHOWER...YELLING AT ME TO GETOUT OR YIOUR GOING TO GET HURT...i asked if they had any paper work or a court order from any court or judge and hesaid I am not playing if you want to do this the hard way ....do what....get out now.....I cant even [put some clothes onm .....NO..... So I left spaking wet robe nio shoes and the d.a. paid for a hotel for two nights andf then we werer on our own... the property fenced off the utilities disconnected at the pole........and would not let us back ijn for more than 30 minutes over the next 6 weeks about 4 times.....then we find out there is a new owner and have to deal with him so ewe wewre allowed some time to get things but he ,made us sign things saying we we agrree to hius terms and time frame and when the time was up he gve us two more 8 hour days if we sugned remainiong item over t0o him or your not getting anything...../...I have alot of personal items at the property t6hat I sprecently sold and cant get thyem......alot of construction toolls and mATERIAL THERE IS PROBABLY A VALUE OF 75,000.00 WORTH OF PROPERTY....SWHAT CAN i DO ABOUT THIS.......B.K. ATTORNEY DOES HE HOLD ANY NEGLECT AND CAN THIS NEW OWNER JHOLD M MY BELONGINGS AND CAN THE COUNTY JUST WALK INTO YOUR HOUSE AND THEN DECIDE TIO KICK YOU OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES ON?????? ISNT THE 4TH AMMENDANT BEEN TROWN UNDER THE BUS OR STEAM ROLLER OR SOMETHING....i( AM DISABLED AND HAVING Z VERY DIFFICULT TIME WITH ALL OF THIS LABOR i CAN DO AND HAVE TO PAY PEOPLE AND RENT TRUCKS AND STORAGE AND i HAVE BEEN BLEED DRY AND BNEED GIUDANCE ANDHELP ON WHAT TO DO>>>>>>>> i KNOW ITS A MOUTH FUL...TRIED TO KEEP IT AS SHORT AS CAN BE..........

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 01:16 PM

If you want folks to read what you write, I suggest the following: First, make an effort to use proper capitalization and punctuation. Your post appears to go back and forth between all caps and no caps and appears to use completely random punctuation. Second, edit irrelevant details. Third, break what you write into manageable paragraphs.

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 01:51 PM

What would you like done about this matter?

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