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medical negligence

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 08:01 PM

I live in MA. I am wondering if I have a medical negligence case. I have history of radiation due to cervical cancer back in 1992. In Aug 2012 I went to local ER because of blood in urine as well as passing blood clots. I had difficulties passing urine for several months. I was admitted to hosp with suspected kidney stones which turned out to be negative. On 5th day of hospital stay, a cystoscopy was performed by hospital urologist (the only urologist for hospital) and was told that a biopsy was also performed at that time. (I have yet to receive biopsy result from urologist who performed the procedure). I was diagnosed with radiation cystitis and a recommendation for Hyperberic Oxygen Treatments which I am currently undergoing. From August 2012 until current time, approx every 9 days I have been having flare ups (passing blood and clots in urine) that last 2-3 days which have been unbearably painful. I started by calling doctors office expressing my situation as well as concern that something was not right. I pleaded for another cystoscopy to see if there was something else going on and was told it would not help. It got to the point that I was just walking into the doctors office after my HBO Treatments which were adjacent to office and telling them that I was in extreme pain (my calls were not returned which is why I went to office). The only thing that accomplished was a urine sample and offering a script for pain medication. With every communication I made to doctors office, I advised I was barely able to urinate. The doctor told me that the condition I had could only be treated with the HBO treatments and pain management. Finally last week, I had to be brought out of the Oxygen chamber before treatment was complete because of extreme pain on 2 consecutive days (I had completed 25 treatments at that point and this was a new symptom). The doctor did see me and told me to stop taking the oxybutynin which was prescribed a few months earlier. I was under the impression that the medication was a low dose broad spectrum antibiotic but was actually a medication which helped lessen urge to urinate (my bladder could have ruptured). I was also told to stop HBO treatments for 1 week then resume. During my treatment with this urologist, I finally went for a 2nd opinion today and was told that my bladder held over 700cc's of urine (almost completely full) and had to have a scope done of my bladder immediately. They put a cath in to relieve pressure on my bladder and found that I had an almost complete obstruction of my urinary tract. Numbing solution was not able to be used because of obstruction so I had to have obstruction cleared without it. The doctor also looked at my bladder and found numerous inflamed blood vessels and that the condition had been going on quite some time. I was prescribed several medications to alleviate the swollen blood vessels and have to return to have a temporary cath put in with an external bag for approx 2 weeks to ensure the obstruction will not return (I am crying now with the thought of having to endure that as it would have been completely unnecessary). The medications I was told are standard for my condition (this should have been prescribed back in August) and will eliminate the need for narcotic pain medications. My quality of life for the past 6 months have been horrific. I was reaching the point of sever depression due to the pain. I will not know if any permanent damage has been done until I have been taking new medication for approx 1 month when another cystoscopy will be performed as well as biopsy.

Sorry so long but wanted to make sure I included everything I could think of. Any advise if greatly appreciated.

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Posted 17 January 2013 - 10:19 AM

This issue is very difficult to address on a message board without having the detailed facts of the case. You may want to consult with a local Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Lawyer to advise you in detail about your claim. Many lawyers do offer a free consultation. I also suggest you visit the Accidents and Injuries Center and read Medical Malpractice as a good resource to learn more about this subject matter.

Keep us posted.

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Posted 24 August 2013 - 11:46 PM

Very similar account for me with four months of pain. Bladder 5 times normal size with same drug. Drug stopped, obstruction continues. Now no motility with my colon.

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