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Dealing with a vindictave crazy mother that wants me in jail

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 05:43 AM

:angry: Ok, bare with me, its a long story....my mother has always been a deceptive, lieing, vindictive, abusive person. when you meet her, you think shes the sweet old lady, but to know her is different....anyhow, she is diabetic and lived 3 hours away from me. I was asked to move closer to help her since she is in her 70s & doesnt take care of herself...i found a home directly across the street from her but had to stay with her and my 2 children (16, 14-with cerebral palsy) for 5 weeks until the home was ready. during the time, I completly cleaned her home, as she didnt clean in 7 years (true), i put in new windows, new flooring, bought all the food, cooked her healthy meals 3 times a day & brough them to her, cleaned daily, did her laundry etc...she did nothing but watch tv and eat...now, when i moved i started a job, but payday wasnt until 2 weeks later, so she let me borrow money, she took me to the bank and wrote me a check for $25 one day, then a week later wrote another for $50.I paid her back 5 days later plus a extra $30 for helping me...fine, then one day she lost her car key, (she locks her money and check book in her car) she swore to god my son (22) took it and had a story of him driving to california etc. I found her key, under a heater like it was kicked, and when i found her key i did go in her car, and count her money, since she was saying it was gone....it wasnt , every penny was there....when i showed her, she flipped out, saying me and my kids had to leave, we stole her checks and money?? we were to move in in 2 days, so she grabbed my kids stuff and started to throw it outside, my daughter cried and she grabbed a bookbag and hit her in the face. i cld 911 she was hysterical, and admitted to police she hit my daughter, we stayed in the tiny bedroom till the home was ready. she threw our food in the trash ($400 worth of groc), she put bugs and dirt on their plates, bacon grease in my coffee, turned off the water and heat (it was 28 degrees out)...2 days later we moved into our home thank god! its been a bit over a month and i have had no contact with her, as i am done completly with her. now she has started to cl the police for dumb stuff blaming me...she broker her garage window cld police sd i did it (i didnt), she sd i stole the checks she let me borrow and took me to the bank to cash, yesterday she told cops her home was burgalarized and she sd i did it...however when the cop investigated, he sd someone kicked her back door and she saw them flee, which was a blck man (im a white small girllol)...before she got nuts, she sd shed help me start the electric since i sank so much money into moving, i didnt have enough for the 400 deposit on elec startup, she offered to put the elec in her name, then when i got the first bill i was to switch it over....well police were here again she sd i illegally put elec in her na,e, (even though i changed it over already) and she is pressing charges for forgery and identity theft....i never ever forgered her name, nor did i try to take her identity! now since the cop said the checks dont look forgered, and it looks like her signature, and ive already changed over the elec bill, i may be charged with a felony, is this true? what can i do....i never thought my mom would offer to help me only to use it to throw me in jail?? please help as im afraid the police will show anyday, and i have no record other than a speeding ticket 3 years ago....m terrified..thanks kim..sorry its long..... :huh:

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 09:00 AM

Have you been charged with a crime?

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Posted 26 December 2012 - 09:02 AM

Consider hiring an attorney to help you handle this situation. Sometimes you place yourself at risk when trying to resolve problems with irrational people. Be careful and good luck.

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