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medication neglagence

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 12:04 AM

I was diagnosed with chronic depression when I was 15 and hadn't been able to find the right antidepressent for the longest time. In 2005, at 19, I put myself into rehab to get over my drug addiction and it was there that I was perscribed Wellbutrin XL at 150mg daily. After I sucessfully got out of rehab I moved to Marshalltown and I had started going to Primary Health to get my medication checked on and updated. My dosage was increased twice and was able to find that happy medium. In May 2012, due to my husbands job change, our insurance changed and I had to go with the generic which is Bupropion XL but instead of perscibing my usual 3 - 150mg tablets daily it got switched to 1- 150mg tablet and a 300mg tablet daily. I was frustrated to begin with due to the fact that these 300mg tablets are footballs for pills. And since I was swithced everyone noticed my attitude change and many concerns were voiced from close family members and friends in reguards to my medication not working anymore. Being a stay home mom, it's been difficult to say the least. When things started getting bad to the point in which I noticed, I thought that it was a rough spot in my life. My mother-in-law pointed out to my husband and I that my medication was being recalled. So my husband jumped online and did a very good amount of research he found out that the FDA did NOT test the 300 mg tablets, they went based off the results of the 150 mg tablets. The recall on the 300 mg tablets started on Oct. 3rd, 2012 and when we contacted Primary Health they had heard nothing about it and reassured us that the pharmacy still had it in stock. My husband then pointed out the fact, again, that they were having little to no effect and needed to be switched back to 3 - 150mg tablets. On Nov. 6th, my husband who is represnting me as he is the insurance holder, was able to talk directly to my doctor and explained to him about the recall and explained that he needed him to send a letter of appeal for the insurance and switch me back to the 3 - 150 mg tablets daily. And since Nov. 6th, we both have beening calling numerous times in a day and then waiting a few days to let them get around to signing and faxing this one letter to my husbands work to get this taken care of. We are being told that they will take a message and let him or his nurse know and they will get back to us. I can pull up the phone records and it is ridiculous as to how many times we've called with no response back. My husband even told them in every message that it was in reguards to my medication, which is a must!! And as to what all is needed to be done in order to get my medication " fixed ". My husband even talked to the supervisor in reguards to no one getting back to us or the fact that every time we called no one was avaliable to speak to, hard to believe when we have called that many times. Or telling us that both my doctor and his nurse " just left " for the day on many occasions. The supervisor's reponse was light hearted. I would think that when your perscibing an antidepressant and it's being recalled that you would care as a doctor to look into the matter right away. It's now Nov. 29th and we can not get ahold of the doctor in order to sign the letter of appeal and get this fixed so that I can carry on with my life as I should be able to and have done before my pills were changed.

Is this a form of medical neglect? I need to know what i can do in order to take care of this as soon as possible and as soon as we do we will be going someplace else to continue my medication. I need to have a doctor that cares about my mental well being as much as I do. Thank you very much for your time to help another in need.

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Posted 29 November 2012 - 01:00 PM

This issue is very difficult to address without having the detailed facts. You may wish to consult with a local Lawyer to discuss your claim further and advise you on how to proceed. Many lawyers do offer a free consultation.

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