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purge bonds

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Posted 16 July 2011 - 06:49 PM

HI, my husband was recently put in jail with a really high purge amount, b/c of his lack of payment on child support. He had paid for 11 yrs straight with out missing a payment, but after the company he worked for moved to another  state he wasn't able to pay that amount any more. He tried to get a modification  but was denied. the judge told him it was a obligation and that he could work 3 jobs and walk to work. So long story straight he got behind and lost his house went thrum a divorce and had a really big mess. Now 4 yrs later ( we have been married for less then 1 yr) he hasn't been paying and is really behind. He also wasn't never able to see his kids because the mom he taken off when the was 4 & 6 . We had recently found his little girl on my space and started talking to her so we wanted to get it all straighten out so that he could start seeing her and get to know her. But the judge didn't think that he was telling the truth about not being able to make the same money no more and still refused to lower the amount so he was still unable to satisfy the 200.00 wk child support so she had him arrested with a 4700 purge bond. which i did pawn my car title/ and get help from friends & family to get him out. but im scared since he is still behind can they turn right around and do again? i don't have another car so i cant do it again, and he cant help take of his other kids or his first two kids in jail.so is there like some kind of limit to how many times they can put a purge bond on you? We also have another situation with this too, cause come to find out the kids have been in some really bad situations including abuse from moms boyfriend and wants to come live with us and we have tried to go to the courts but they keep telling us to get a lawyer, but considering every penny we have had or any way i could come up with money is gone from getting him out of jail what can we do? is there any other way getting help?

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Posted 16 July 2011 - 10:40 PM

Dude, I feel your pain. I may not have the purge bond against me, but the ex makes it hard on me to see my boy. If it wasn't for the Army, I would probably be in the same boat. I know the message I am responding to is by a spouse of a father, but honestly, fathers are behind the 8 ball. The courts always say "poor mother", and "you better pay, dirtbag." instead of calling the man father or dad. I will keep looking for the both of us. If I find it, I will try to let you know for your answer.

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