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  2. It's not obvious from that picture, but in the area marked, the boards are broken, and bent down along the line.
  3. Thank you for some reassurance. But, how can I get back into my home. I know he's bullshitting me and definitely intimidating me. Would it be that simple to break the lock and go back in. Because he's very much like a "I'm the man and your the woman, and you're beneath me so you don't matter" kind of man. What should I do I have a hearing to go to with him in court this Thursday. The Child support was established a month ago and this court date was given I guess to follow up and also I had to bring some receipts of the afterschool program I was paying for that he never assisted financially on. Can I bring this up there? Again thank you for your guidance and assurance.
  4. Okay, I am in a bit of a pickle regarding a false-diagnosis which has a major potential to mess up my future career. A month after turning 18 (2 years ago), I was kicked out of my parents house after years of metal-abuse from my father. Afterwards, being a dumb and naive child, I turned to the internet to find answers of what was going on in my life and why. Again, being incredibly naive, I thought there was something wrong and stumbled upon bipolar disorder and thought that somehow fit my situation (I will admit that I had no idea the severity of the disorder and symptoms). After arriving at college last year I went to see a psychiatrist, who after chatting with me for 20-30 mins, diagnosed me with it and sent me on my way with medication. Not once did she make sure I understood what the disorder was or how the symptoms prevent themselves. She took the judgement of an 18-19 yr old with an internet connection over proper tests and examinations. The medication messed with my system so much that it negatively affected my freshman year of college. I had to switch doctors because of insurance issues within a few months of initially seeing her, which is why I was thankfully able to come off of them before the current semester. After having time to settle into adulthood, mature, and recall it clearly, I now know that what I was feeling at 18-19 was normal for the situation I was in. But I now have a huge issue I need to fix. I am now majoring in Criminal Justice and have hopes of either going into law enforcement or practicing law. This issue can severely effect my chances of becoming an LEO. I am asking for advice on how to go about fixing this problem. I just want my records fixed, but have no idea what my options are or who to even contact in the first place. I apologize if this is confusing, I will try to clarify as best as possible if necessary.
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  6. Ok, so this is all about the mortgage, not the actual title. It sounds to me like you're simply joint owners -- either tenants in common or joint tenants (although that distinction doesn't appear to matter for purposes of your issues). Well...that's wrong. In fact, it's just silly. It seems that he's just bullsh**ing you in order to intimidate you. As far as the lack of equity and the rest of what you described, you might want to consider bankruptcy, which should allow you to walk away from the property. If you don't want to go that route, you'll have to make a choice between staying where you are and moving back in and dealing with your ex. If things get bad enough, you may want to think about a restraining order.
  7. I don't know what being primary vs. Co- owner has to mean but the bank refuses to give him information because I am listed as 1st on the mortgage. And I do have a deed. No, he did not physically eject me from the apartment but the verbal abuse & the verbal poisoning of my children's mind was enough for me to leave. Yes, this is a 3 family home, with 3 apartments but now he wants to charge me market rent. When he's paying the bare minimal rent. He thinks because he stood in the home and I left. I have no rights to it. Even though he threatened me not to come back and at every chance he could have he would constantly tell me to leave and pretty much forced me out. He doesn't want to sell because there is no equity in the home. And the house is under value and if we sell we would owe money.
  8. You would need to file in state court (called superior court), not federal court (called district court). Whether a county board of supervisors will accept a motion to vacate may depend on which of California's 58 counties you're in, but I doubt any do. You need to retain an attorney who is familiar with administrative mandamus proceedings (most attorneys are not). Otherwise you're sunk.
  9. And now they're trying to tax us 80,000 on our property taxes saying that they are going to abate and tear down the mobile home and haul off pretty much everything on our property .abatement fees
  10. What do you mean when you describe yourself as "the primary owner"? What do you believe is the distinction between a "primary owner" and a "co-owner"? Please be specific so that we can properly understand your situation and provide the best information possible in response. Also, do you have any sort of written agreement that governs your joint ownership of the home? What exactly does this mean? I assume he didn't physically pick you up and launch you out a window. Right? First of all, what do you mean by "a different apartment in the house"? Is this some sort of multi-unit residence? Second, what makes you or he think he has any legal right to refuse to allow you to live in your own home? Of course you have rights. You didn't really think the answer might be otherwise? Subject to how you answer my questions above, we have no reason to believe that you and your ex-boyfriend don't have identical rights to possess (i.e., occupy) the home you jointly own. Your biggest problem is that, unless you have a reasonably well-written agreement regarding your joint ownership of the property, you're probably headed down the road that leads to a forced sale of the home. Does the home have any equity in it? If so, how much (roughly)?
  11. Under the Unifrom Commercial Code the bank that paid a forged check may not charge the account. UCC 4-406 However the account owner must notify the bank promptly and within one-year of the payment. That was the remedy but the time has passed.
  12. I got cited for health and human safety code violations from resource management. My role is the property owner. Since then we have went in front the board of supervisors , well, we arived late and they defaulted. Now we have to appeal it to district court .and I'm wondering if I can file a motion to vacate instead of a writ of mandamus because I am running short of Time .
  13. So you share a biological parent or parents? Those parents, we will call them John and Mary, lost custody of their younger child, who spent time in foster are until being adopted by Bill and Betty. The 15 year old is now pregnant and is afraid Bill and Betty will kick her out, give her "back", or take the baby. If they truly adopted her, no, they can not just "give her back or kick her out. They also can not do anything with the baby without your sister's permission, however they are under no obligation to support said baby. This girl needs to forget about Mary as she is legally a stranger, but does need to talk to Bill and Betty to come up with some kind of plan and logistics. While the baby won't automatically be taken by the foster care system simply because of the age of the mother, there are certainly other factors which could lead to that outcome.
  14. What do you mean you are the owner and he is the co-owner? Who's name is on the deed? If you have a court order for support, and he is violating that order, file with the court.
  15. I am a single mom in the state of NY. I have 2 children and am not married to their father. Unfortunately, I own a home with my children's father in which I am the primary owner and he the co-owner of the house. We separated December 2016 due to the verbal abuse day in and day out for at least 2 years. In September 2016 he continuously threw me out of the house knowing I had no where to go with my kids. I finally found an apartment. I took the first thing I could grab so that I would not have to expose my children to the torment and the abuse on a daily bases. When I left he refused to provide child support. I finally got some support established through the court where they mandated him to pay after 9 months. My problem now is because it was such a long time that he did not provide support, my bills piled up it got so bad It was getting hard to even provide food for my children. Forcing me to move once again this time to my mothers home where I currently live in a room with my two children. Since that it has been extremely hard to find an apartment, I have asked him if I could move back to the house in a different apartment In the house and he refuses. I told him I would pay rent and he tells me I have to pay what he says if not contact a lawyer. but I cannot afford it. Can he keep me out he's changed the locks, when I moved out the only thing I was able to take were my clothes and my childrens clothes but he stated to never come back. Do I have any rights in this situation?
  16. pg1067; Thanks for the form & information. I guess, I've been in Civil court so long, I think all documents have to be filled out with the title. I appreciate your help.
  17. The provisions of the Patriot Act you are referring to regarding providing ID applies to banks and financial institutions, not regular businesses. They are not required to ask for ID before cashing a check.
  18. cbg. If, your question is regarding why the business owner that took the check is responsible, the answer is there are laws to protect consumers. Just think about this. Someone steals your check signs your name, walks into a store with your check. The owner doesn't ask for Id. That's negligent if anything. However, ID Theft laws are strict. No business owner is to take a 3rd party check, without ensuring the writer is verified. That started with the patriot act, in order to stop money laundering, ID Theft. The bank was going to get the money back, but they only have a small window of time.
  19. Why do you think you need to slap a label on this? I don't know what county you're in, but if this form is any indication, all you need to do is describe what happened.
  20. How are they responsible for what someone else did? What makes you think you have any kind of lawsuit against them?
  21. OK, thank you. I can get the Doctor or Nurse to testify. They owe me, as I didn't sue them for allowing these people to do what they did.
  22. I can't tell from your post or the picture you posted why anyone needs to fix anything. The picture doesn't seem to depict anything that needs fixing. That being said, the CC&Rs will dictate what things are the HOA's responsibility and what things are the responsibility of the individual unit owners, and we obviously haven't read the CC&Rs.
  23. You didn't ask a question, so I'll ask one to you: why on Earth wouldn't you move out?
  24. Why on Earth would you not move out?
  25. No, they do not have a legal right to adopt their grandchild.
  26. Just because you claim your fiance had nothing to do with the criminal activity doesn't mean anyone has to believe you. You are free to testify in his defense at his trial, and maybe the jury will believe you.
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