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  2. Hello, I'm a 15 year old who would like to seek help from my mother; she allegedly claimed that she suffers from depression and anger issues. Whenever I misbehave for either a short period of time or long period of time, she gets extremely frustrated and then proceeds to scold me in a hostile manner. Earlier today, I was misbehaving and she proceeded to hit me on my face and I felt like she had no right to hit me even though she is my mother. I am an Asian and both of my parents are Asian. My father believes that violence towards your child is not an option to educate the child. On the other hand, my mother starts going insane whenever she is frustrated with either me or my dad. My parents have been divorced since I was 2 or 3. I would like to know if a court takes my custody or whatever, what would happen to me? Will I be sent to a foster home? Will I be sent to a juvenile hall? I'm just asking the fellow community about this because she has gone beyond my limits. Thanks.
  3. My question is regarding a Last Chance Agreement. I was forced to sign this, however it reads more like a warning. The Employee Handbook under Due Process states that a period of remediation would precede any termination. Can I be forced to sign this being that I am a contract employee, and this is worse than the due process referenced? A copy of the "Agreement" is below. In response to tardiness the following are required: 1. No more instances of tardiness will .be permitted without reasonable exception and formal documentation of the reason and duration. 2. Medication that may limit your job duties must be documented with Employee Health Services. Failure to comply with all guidelines for the duration of your employment will result in immediate termination. _________Signature__________
  4. Hello all, I am having an issue with my HOA. Where I live trash and recycle bins are picked up on Fridays. Twice the HOA has driven past my house on a Thursday afternoon and sent me warning letters that I am violating this CCR... CCR: Screening and Fencing. All refuse containers (except for purposes of trash collection, and then for only the shortest time reasonably necessary for collection), woodpiles, storage areas, machinery, and equipment shall be prohibited upon any lot, unless located in the rear yard and unless obscured and not visible from neighboring property and common areas by a fence or appropriate screen approved by the Architectural Committee. Now here's my issue: I typically put out my trash and recycle bins on a Thursday afternoon, the day before pickup. Reading the CCR, i don't see anything that says I can't put my trash out 12 hours early. I feel I am being very reasonable. If I put my trash out 3 days early, then yes that's a problem. But I honestly dont see an issue putting out my trash bins 12 early, and I see nothing in the CCR that prevents this. Second, the CCR says I cannot have my trash/recycle bins on my LOT. On these 2 Thursdays that the HOA drove by my house the bins were in the street, they were not in my lot (yard). I am not a lawyer, would that matter? Since the CCR just says I can't leave my trash/recycle bins in my LOT, and I instead left them in the street, would that mean I am not violating this CCR? I plan on having a hearing with the board on the issue...but I am curious what people think here. This is the only CCR that the HOA has referenced in the warnings ive gotten.
  5. Depends upon the state. Most have statewide building codes which can be supplemented by local government. You can call the building inspectors office or fire marshalls office if you have a specific violation to enforce. They can't go ramdomly searching for violations, unless it is for an annual inspection. No, to be shut down it would have to be a serious violation that would make the property unsafe. otherwise they would be given a notice of violation and given an opportunity to remedy it.
  6. Sorry. This is huge for me because yes, I can show through emails and other documentation that she was deceptive not just with me as a paid provider ( asking me to take a huge pay cut because the "funding" was only so much through medicaid) but since her brother lived with me about 65-70 % of the time per year, for 7 years and I paid his room/board since he paid no rent, utilities, food, or anything.. all coming out of my reduced pay so basically I was working for very little after his costs.. 16 hours a day and needed much medical assistance. Ok, so the other thing is she was the payee of his ss checks. If he was with me, which I have every day documented for the past 7 years ( also, DODD and Medicaid does since that was the funding source) so, if I am "supporting him more than half the time in a year, always 60% min even some years 200 or more days/nights a yr. My question is.. his $1,000 ss money surely didnt go for him if I was paying for his living as he resided in my home, and since it looks like all excess money was put into a trust ( which includes the ss I money) and she passes away and wills it to her friend? Her brother did not benefit from the SSI or trust, nor did the provider who paid with her reduced pay to feed and house him. Please don't say that I let this go, because I have tried to get paid the rate every other provider got. ( he was not getting enough funding) The sister did not disclose any of this trust to even the case manager. Only a few people knew, apparently, so we were under the impression she was a "working person" like the rest of us trying to get by and needed help. So two issues are she did not disclose the trust and the trust stated that anything the government didn't pay( provider services) the trust was for. The other issue is the soc security, I hear they fill out a report on how the money was spent. I dont see how that would add up if he was with me and I paid for food. So, woudnt that be deceptive too? Unless she was allowed to put the ss money into the trust, there is no way 1,000 a month went for expenditure in her house when he was in mine. Ok, any thoughts on if anything can be done?
  7. I spent 35 years in the insurance industry and can tell you that it's common for a life insurance company to delay paying benefits when there is a dispute as to who is entitled to be paid. You will have to resolve the dispute in court and get the court to order the life insurance company to release the money to the proper beneficiary. You'd be suing the life insurance company and seeking what's is called a "declaratory judgment" once the court determines who the proper beneficiary is. If you don't go to court eventually the life insurance company will turn the money over to the state and I'm guessing you will still have the same problem getting the money from the state if two people claim it at the same time. If you want to avoid the cost of litigation you have the option of making a deal with the other party to share the proceeds in whatever split you can both live with and submit that written agreement to the life insurance company relieving the life insurance company of any liability. The other party might also be reluctant to avoid litigation. If you still want to litigate then google life insurance beneficiary dispute lawyer for your city. How much money is involved?
  8. Thank you for the information. Are fire codes and building codes created by the state or local government? Also, could I get someone to check out a school to look for violations of these codes? If so, can the school refuse to let them look? Also, let’s say one violation is found, could the school be shut down no matter if it is a big problem or not as long as it is a violation?
  9. Anyone ever dealt with your legal rights as a beneficiary on a life insurance policy being held up because of a demand letter from someone who thinks they should have been on the policy as a beneficiary. This demand letter has scared the life insurance company and they are not paying out the benefits and have required us to get legal representation.
  10. 1. The fire marshall, the building inspector, the superintendant of schools to name a few. 2. Violation of building codes fire safety codes and education laws. 3. Fire codes and building codes. 4. If there is it would be in the education laws.
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  12. I have many questions regarding what it takes for a school to be shut down for safety reasons. By safety reasons, I mean leaks, broken stairs, ect. 1. Who can shut down a school? 2. Why can a school be shut down? 3. What law describes safety reasons a school could be shut down. 4. If there is no direct law, is there a law regarding what a school must have to stay open. Basically any information on this would be helpful. Thank you.
  13. At least I was polite.
  14. From the US copyright law: The authors' work is protected until the end of 2047. Citing the author doesn't change the fact that you are infringing and are subject to a lawsuit by the authors' heirs (who own the copyright). If you want to get this right either contact the heirs and get a written license to use the work or rewrite your music to make it completely original. The last thing in the world you want is to start making big money with your music only to have it all drained away by a lawsuit. As for copyright for an original work, you'll already have protection from the day it's created but registering your work gives you additional protection so just go to the copyright office website and learn all about how to register your work.
  15. What purpose do you serve here other than being a sophomoric a-hole with nothing to contribute? Stop embarrassing yourself on the internet. No one cares about you.
  16. For the bridge of a song, I quote 7 non-contiguous bars ( 3 & 4) from a 16 bar chorus I didn’t write. Although I plan to cite my source, I changed the original melody by cutting 9 bars from the middle of a 16-bar phrase. My recording is 106 bars long. The 3- & 4-bar quotes together are roughly 6% of the new work. What kind of copyright do I need? There are other factors: The source song is over 70 years old. Both authors are deceased.
  17. o CBG, you’re a lot like RetiredinVA. Why, thank you! How nice of you to say so.
  18. Thanks for your input AdjusterJack. To CBG, you’re a lot like RetiredinVA. I’m starting to recall why I stopped visiting these forums. Someone asks a reasonable question in hopes of gaining substantive feedback and too often some of the jackasses who troll these forums give you the stock smart ass, useless response of “do your homework”. Why not just say, “I have no frigging clue” or better yet, say nothing? Just because someone presents a scenario in an effort to hear and assess people’s opinions, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing their “homework”.
  19. Sure looks like it. Minnesota.
  20. Yes. Really. It sounds like homework.
  21. Really, it sounds like homework? It sounds like you’re a self proclaimed genius and an overt dickhead. I’ve read plenty of your posts.
  22. Sounds like homework.
  23. A Florida resident receives an offer of at-will employment in Minnesota. The Florida resident accepts the offer and is formally hired by the Minnesota employer (“Employer”). Subsequently, in reliance upon the promise of employment, the Florida resident (“Employee”) purchases airfare, travel and lodging accommodations and incurs other expenses in connection with relocateing to Minnesota and preparing to perform the duties of employment. Two weeks before the Employee is scheduled to begin working, the Employer recinds the job offer because the position was eliminated for budget reasons. Does the Employee have a cause of action for promissory estoppel in order to recover the costs incurred in reliance on the promise of employment? If so, do the Florida or Minnesota state courts have jurisdiction?
  24. Unfortunately, NC has a very short notice of termination period - 7 days for month to month tenancy. I suggest you carefully study the landlord tenant statutes to see if you have any defenses that may delay your eviction. See if there is a local legal aid or tenant rights agency that can help you.
  25. A family friend helped rent a home for my 2 children and myself. He resides at the beach not in the home with us.. The property owner was aware the home was rented for us to reside in.. The friend has recently made advances which I ignored and eventually and repeatedley turned down.. After riding by my home a close friends vehicle was seen by the family friend who decided to stop and cause problems. I ended up calling the police dept to have him leave the property. In return he called the property owner who the next day called me telling me I needed to pack because I was getting g the /@""@*$ out of her house making references to my "boyfriend" being behind in rent this month etc. Threatened to call DSS on me and hung up the phone.. I have a paper the family friend signed and had notarized when we moved in stating the home was rented for us. I have multiple text messages stating the home was rented for us and the property owner was aware of this. She is now stating we haven't allowed her to do her walk-through that I have texts 2 days before papers were taken out stating she left here smiling etc.. Everything on the paperwork she filed stating the reasons for eviction I have text messages contradicting. I have abided by everything I was to abide by.. They also failed to wait the allowed 10 days between her verbally eviction notice and the court papers taken out that were served on us.. My name is not on the actual lease tho I have all evidence stating she was aware of the living arrangements.. I have court on the 23rd of this month today being the 19th.. What if any are my rights to being able to stay in my home.. It's not right we're losing our home due to a personal vendetta.
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