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  2. A living will has to do with what medical treatment you want or don't want. A living trust is a way of bypassing probate and distributing your estate if your property has been transferred to the trust.
  3. My aunt needs help w her estate. She is in California. Can someone explain the basic difference between living trust and living will? I am finding conflicting info online. Ty in advance. Baghul
  4. In general with all the situations you just mentioned, if there was no trial,or a plea of guility,then there is no conviction,and no record.However.the state still does have a file on it in their office.Any future charges against you resulting in a conviction,could effect sentencing if the state were to bring up your prior dismissals/expungement.
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  6. Call one up and make an appointment.
  7. is this the place to ask a question
  8. How to hire a medical lawyer
  9. I was just merely stating what the OP already told us,not that the officers knew this before giving her permission to enter his residence .Your are right,Retiredin VA,in saying,"How could the officers know she had legally changed her address."They couldn't,but my point on that was,how it seems very suspect on her part that she would have had anything of value that she needed after 10 months of living somewhere else.
  10. Huh? Seriously? Where exactly did you get that idea that I assumed the officer(s)knew that she legally changed her address.If anything,I have stressed the fact,that they did not know,and my whole point was that because,they did not know,and her ex was not home,they should not have allowed her to go into the house. Once again too,if she showed them a piece of mail with her name on it,that should have been irrelevant,because anyone who's ever moved from one house to another knows that mail sometimes still get's sent to the prior address. No over thinking at all on anything I've said.Go back and read my posts again,and would appreciate too if you wouldn't mind quoting me ,when directing a reply on something I've said.I in turn,will show you the same respect.Thank you sir.
  11. a quick google search gave me this: What you need to register a foreign LLC in Florida: Filing fee: $125. Application by Foreign Limited Liability Company for Authorization to Transact Business in Florida. A registered agent in Florida. Certificate of Good Standing from your home state. Florida Application for Registration - Foreign Florida LLC Feedback
  12. doucar: Can you tell me the web site that I can go to so that I can start this process of registering my LLC as a foreign corporation Thank You,
  13. You are over thinking the issue. A lady calls the police and says she is involved in a nasty divorce and her husband locked her out. She needs to get her clothes or other possessions. She shows the officer her driverxs license or recent mail showing she lives/lived there. She says she can get in through the window. The cop says go ahead. She comes back out an tells the officer her husband uses drugs and she saw some powder in a drawer. Your assumption that the officer knows the woman "legally" changed her address. How would he possibly know that? .
  14. Now we're getting somewhere. How much is the lien?
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  16. I didn't know about it no but he says he told me so it's a he said she said situation that's why I'm avoiding the question so I can see if I can legal with out me and him hashing out who said what.
  17. File a motion asking the judge for permission to amend your complaint.
  18. Hello, I filed a small claims suit in Florida. It was based on faulty work done by a contractor. I initially filed based on what he said he would charge to fix it (despite it being under warranty). However, some time after I filed the claim, I began getting some quotes from other contractors to fix it. It appears that the quotes I'm getting are much higher than what I sued for (3 times higher). I read in a document that a party may amend its complaint once without permission of the court 21 days after serving the complaint - or - within 21 days after service of an answer or other responsive motion. It has been well over 21 days. How can I go about raising my claim to match the quotes I'm getting? Considering how I'm getting along with this guy, he is clearly not doing the work. Also, the judge hasn't been particularly helpful to me, so I want to do this in a way that will give me a good chance of being successful. I had a default judgment because the plaintiff didn't show up for the first court date, but the judge vacated it and set it for trial. This was despite the fact that he had a bad excuse and presented no meritorious defense that would change the outcome. Thank you so much for your help.
  19. No, but you need to register it as a foreign corporation with the state of florida and name a registered agent for Florida. Or you can dissolve the Iowa LLC and form a new LLC in Florida.
  20. I have recently moved to Florida from Iowa and am going to continue my Home Inspection Business here. In Iowa my business was a limited liability corporation, and my question is do I need to form another corporation here in Florida to do Business here?
  21. Btw...Mail along,doesn't prove that someone still has access to their former place of residency.Ive been in my house for a good while now,and still get mail from former tenants who have long gone.As an officer of the law,I would just shrug my shoulders at anyone,and say,"sorry,I'm not convinced." This woman,had a new address as of 07/16,some 10 months before this incident.What of importance,could you possibly need,and left at your former residence,10 months later.That's suspect within itself.
  22. Police Use/Abuse of discretion.The OP,does not provide us any information to tell us,if she had any documentation or even a piece of mail,to show that she had or was still living at this man's residence or even had any rights to be either on the property or to enter his house. Now,just saying,that she had produced anything at all that led to the officers giving her permission to enter his house,it was still an abuse of discretion on their part,because,he was not home,and as far as we know,they were not inside the residence to observe anything she may have taken that was not her's,such as money,he may have put in a drawer or other place.They were also unable to observe whether any drugs may have been planted by the ex.The point being,she could have stole anything,not her's,and concealed it without the officers being present.She could have invited them in,but very unlikely.In any case,it was a bad judgment call on their part without the OP being home. Normally,in a domestic situation,where someone is no longer residing in someone else's house,but some of their belongings are still there,you can call the police out,and they will permit you to get some clothes or a change of clothes,but only if the homeowner or tenant is present.If there are other items to be taken,and there's a dispute over whether they belong to the homeowner/tenant or former tenant,they police,will tell the person that it's a civil dispute,and will not allow the person to have anything,except clothes.That's just good sound police policy ,not what happened in this case.
  23. Saying she "legally" changed her address is a legally meaningless thing. Not having a key means he may have, probably did, change the locks. But if they were still married and she had possessions in the house and there was no court ordered exclusive possession of the marital residence the police are not going to require her to "legally verify" that she is entitled to enter the residence. If she had any kind of evidence that the residence was hers, such as mail addressed to her at that address, the police are entitled to assume she has a right to enter.
  24. The step to be taken is to file a petition to be appointed guardian of one or both of your parents. Based on what you have said (and reading a little between the lines) I would expect a major battle. If one of your parents were to fall or be otherwise incapacitated the more realistic reaction is 911 unless you intend to reside in your parent's home full time. Aside from the "small" prior problem, filing to have your parents deemed incompetent is going to be a "large" problem. Consult local counsel who can review all the circumstances.
  25. Duplicate post. See:
  26. Duplicate post. See:
  27. This is a better category for your post since you are likely to have to go to court and get conservatorship or guardianship over both your parents. Your other two posts will be deleted. Keep all future discussions to THIS thread and don't open any new ones. Also have some patience as it can sometimes take up to a day to get responses.
  28. Hello, My father recently suffered a major heart attack and is no longer able to care for my disabled mother. My mother has not been able to work for 9 years and has a 25 pound weight restriction. My father has been her primary care giver since but now he will not be able to take care of her when she falls or has seizures due to brain tumors. My father is still in the hospital but i have been band from seeing him as per request of my mother due to a small argument we had over me being in college. But seeing that she can not always take care of her self when my father gets out of the hospital will she LEGALLY be allowed to be his primary care giver, given that she needs one her self? If not would I take over for being their caregiver? What are the steps that need to be taken to proceed with this as well? I do apologize in advance if i have posted under the wrong category as well.
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