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  2. Posted where? Indicated to whom and in what context? Even if it is objectively likely that the HOA won't prevail, that doesn't necessarily mean the lawsuit is frivolous. Again, posted where? The premise of this statement is true, but it's not clear from what you've told us whether you gave any legal advice (hence my questions above). If you had given legal advice, it makes no difference that the person to whom you gave the advice knew you aren't an attorney. As you described it, you "posted" an interpretation of "the governing documents" and "the county code" as they apply to a particular situation. It's possible that could constitute legal advice. Of course not (and, I find "adjusterjack's" statement to the contrary to be particularly surprising because, if it were true, then he would have committed thousands of crimes on this and other message boards). Also wrong. Making comments about a particular situation isn't necessarily the practice of law -- nor is making generalized statements about what the law does and doesn't permit.
  3. More importantly, do you have a copy signed by the landlord?
  4. Told by whom? What does "removed from the estate" mean? What taxes are you talking about? What are you talking about? Estate tax is based on the value of the estate, not simply the decedent's residence. While the original post is obviously lacking in relevant facts, it's rather obvious that the OP is not talking about the lemon law, and the term "cooling off period" can be used to describe any period of time in which a particular action may or may not be taken. Unless the court orders otherwise, the executor may be begin to act in that capacity as soon as the court issues the order appointing the executor and the letters testamentary. I think that's what you're asking here. Contesting what? If a person with standing wants to contest a will or the appointment of an executor, such person has plenty of time to do so after the would-be executor files the petition to probate the estate and seeks appointment as executor. The time to contest these things is after the petition is served and before the hearing is held, not after the hearing is held and the appointment is made. There is no inheritance tax in California. Nor is there a federal inheritance tax.
  5. This question is unanswerable because you provided no relevant facts (and your follow up post didn't really help matters). What do you mean when you say that "two wills [have] 'come into play'"? Are you talking about a situation in which a living person changed his/her will (your follow up post seems to indicate that's not what you're talking about, but it's anything but clear)? "RetiredinVA" directly asked this very question, but you ignored it. If you ignore requests to clarify what you're asking, then we will have no way of providing useful information in response. As far as there being a "newly assigned executor," the only way that an executor can be "newly assigned" is by the probate court entering an order removing the former executor and appointing the new executor, and that could only happen by way of a noticed petition served on the former executor (and others). Therefore, there is no way the former executor would need to be notified after the fact about "the change in power/designation"? Telling us the situation is "strange" and "odd" tells us precisely nothing unless you explain why you think those things. What does "most wills are not always as clearly stated"? "As clearly stated" as what? The best thing you can do for your friend(s) is refer them to a probate attorney (especially if some person is "clearing the estate").
  6. Of course it's not illegal. It is an incredibly common condition of probation that the criminal is not allowed to associate with other convicted criminals. I assume "this man" refers to the probation officer. If so, what makes you think the PO "discuss[ed] [your] sons' [sic] record with someone else"? More than likely, the PO simply told your son's friend that he is not allowed to associate with other convicted criminals while he is on probation. And, even if the PO did specifically refer to your son, all he would have had to do was say, "you're not allowed to associate with him while you're on probation because he is a convicted criminal." Nothing wrong with that (and, as noted in prior responses, while the criminal file may be sealed from public view, it's certainly not sealed from law enforcement). No. Even if something improper had occurred, you have no standing to do anything.
  7. Visits (plural)? How many visits are we talking about, and why were multiple visits needed over a relatively short period of time? You're obviously free to talk with your friend about buying the dog from her. That you took care of the dog at the owner's request and falsely "microchipped [the dog] in [your] name" and didn't give the vet the owner's name (apparently falsely representing yourself as the owner) doesn't give you any legal claim. Did you tell your friend in advance that you were going to microchip the dog? Did she ask you to do that? Why didn't you "microchip[] [the dog] in [your friend's] name"? Why didn't you tell the vet that it was your friend's dog and that you were simply watching it for her? It's not your dog. It was only given to you to take care of at the owner's request. If you refuse to return the dog, it could be charged as a crime ("Ted's" boat example above is a good one). What's difficult to understand about that?
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  9. There are probably dozens or hundreds of reasons why something like this might happen. What purpose would it serve for anyone to guess about your situation? Pay the state back for what? Obviously, some folks are easier to locate than others. It's obviously possible that your child(ren)'s father may be in another state, and it's rather clear that he is harder to find than you are. There are two basic ways to collect child support from a recalcitrant payor: (1) rely on the state to do it; or (2) do it yourself (either personally or via an attorney). Since you can no longer rely on the state to chase him down, you'll have to hire an attorney or do it yourself. Let's start with step #1: do you know where he is? Do(es) your child(ren) know where he is? Also, how much in total is owed?
  10. The link that the moderator removed was for a lawyer or law firm in Toronto, so I'm sure you're correct about this.
  11. You certainly can file a statement of claim. However, your contract with the airline almost certainly requires that any disputes be adjudicated in a different forum. Moreover, since the incident apparently happened on a flight originating from Malaysia or Turkey, that's where the incident happened, so you likely would have to sue in one of those countries. Also, unless your child suffered some actual harm (which doesn't appear to be the case), you have nothing to sue for. Finally, red wine and Coke in a glass are rather easily distinguishable, so you, as the parent, should have noticed it and not allowed the child to drink half the glass. It's not? Why not? And I cannot understand how a reasonably vigilant parent would not notice the difference between red wine and Coke being given to a child. Oh stop. While I'm sure the wine acted as a bit of a sedative, that's hardly a bad thing on a 13 1/2 hour flight. It's certainly not the sort of thing for which a court would award damages. So what? Of course, this makes it pretty clear that the flight attendant mistakenly switched the glasses. I like "adjusterjack's" comment, so I'll simply repeat it: "send the drama lama back out to the barn."
  12. You have lots of rights but they depend on the answer to the following question. When you signed the two year lease, DID YOU KEEP A COPY? Answer that please.
  13. if I was a flight attendant? ok, I will buy any toy for the child and bottle of expensive drink for the parents in aircraft's duty-free for my expenses and presented it as my excuse.
  14. I removed a spam link from jacck's post above.
  15. Two options: 1 - Find another job. 2 - File a complaint with the CO Department of Labor: And then find another job because you can bet old manipulative Sam Johnson will find a way to fire you after the state comes down on him.
  16. Seriously? Yes, it was a mistake. Yes, your 7 year old got a little tipsy. Otherwise there was no harm done so send the drama lama back out to the barn. There's no money in this for you. How would you like to get sued for every harmless mistake that you make? Jeez.
  17. of course the flight attendant said "sorry" and she has got a new cola, but it's not enough. I can not understand how they can mix drinks in EMPTY business class cabin with 6 people....? How to serve wine? Put a half of glass. How to serve cola? Put a full glass. BUT, in my case glasses were the SAME ok, my daughter has good health, but after wine she spoke very bad and was drank. She take a nap after that, it unusual because my kids watching cartoons all flight. We can confirm it in the court! P.S. By the way, man behind me ordered wine, but he has got cola. He also complained about it
  18. Note that this is not a family law matter. It's a long way from Malaysia to California, and it's easy to believe your child was tired. Also easy to believe the flight attendant who served the wrong drink was tired, as well as the child's parent who failed to notice the difference in appearance between a glass of red wine and a glass of Coca-Cola. When you finally discovered the error and brought it to the attention of the flight attendant, what was the response? Did your daughter finally get her Coke, or did she suffer from thirst for the remainder of the trip? Were you charged for the wine? In order to prevail in your proposed lawsuit, you will have to produce convincing evidence that you or a member of your family suffered lasting physical, emotional or financial harm as a result of the incident you describe. Absent such evidence, the appropriate way to deal with the situation is to complain to the airline's management, which you have already done. It is now up to the airline to determine whether or not to discipline their employee, and what form the discipline should take.
  19. Sue for what? What damage would you be able to prove? Certainly, it is illegal to serve wine to children. However, doing so is a criminaal offense and private citizens are not authorized to enforce criminal laws.
  20. I have A few questions.. I Im a hvac service tech and work off commisson.If my understanding is wright, being paid commisson i dont get overtime. I rarely get breaks, ive never had a paid breAK and my boss charges me for 25% of the gas that goes in my work van witch costs me out of my pocket 60 pluss dollars a week. this gas deduction is manadtory and was nerver negotiated with me i was told this is how it is.. also we have mandatory unpaid company meetings at the office twice a week there about an 1hr to 1.5 hrs long, it takes about 40 min to get to the office for the meeting., (normaly i dont goto office) . i get dispatched from home. i have todo inventory on my van witch is unpaid. the office has not paid me commisson on jobs ive done0 before.i get back charged for calls thati i didnt know about. . the owner sam johnson just manipulate and twists everything abound. what should or can i do. thank you very much for reading and responiding. excuss my poor penmenship. trev
  21. hii welcome here , your question is about U.S Constitutional Rights actually I don't have specify knowledge about it but after reading your problem , I think about it and it is necessary for us to know the us constitutional rights . thanks
  22. There is plenty of time. If an objection is filed then no one will be appointed executor by the court until there is a hearing. after the hearing the court appointed executor may proceed. California estate tax does not apply to any estate with less than a 5.49 million dollar valuation.
  23. It's your uncle's fault that this has turned into somewhat of a mess because of his failure to sign his will. Really: how long does it take to sign a will? And a husband who is truly looking out for his wife's security would not neglect to put the home in his wife's name "just because she wasn't there to sign the papers". Please stop being vindictive towards the daughter--her ability to inherit is determined by state law, not on how good or how poor the relationship was at the time of his death. The bottom line is that the surviving spouse is entitled to a certain portion of this estate and the daughter is also entitled to a certain portion of the estate, and the only way to find out what each person gets is to consult with a local probate attorney. Are you implying that you are having trouble trying to find an attorney who will do the probate because it appears that this is a smaller value estate? What is the value of the home in Turkey if it were to be sold? Do not listen to or fully believe what anyone at a courthouse (who is NOT an attorney) is telling you--that person should be telling you that they are not allowed to give legal advice and that you should be consulting with an attorney. Since the daughter apparently is not interested in getting anything from this estate since she said she doesn't want to be contacted, the probate attorney will probably ask her to sign a form to disclaim and reject her share of this estate.
  24. 11 September 2016 our family of 4 had a flight on Turkish Airlines in business class KUL-IST-SFO. We have ordered 4 coca-cola drinks "no ice", but my child 7 years old has got a red wine instead. She was tired and drank half of glass before she understood what's wrong. Same day i have written complaint to airline, but they answered "we are not serving alcohol to kids". Have written second complaint. But answer was "we are lie". 3 people lied??? Looking for a help to sue airline in the court. Small court in San Jose, CA or superior court?
  25. What type of support are you asking about? Is it spousal or child support? If it's spousal support, that is not something that is automatically ordered by a court and initially depends upon how long you were married.
  26. Are you concerned because you are on probation or parole?
  27. It's a summary offense which is is the most minor type of criminal offense and is often called a “non-traffic citation.” If you pick up no other offenses, after 5 years, you can get it expunged.
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