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  2. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question; please feel free to redirect me! Several months ago, I became 50/50 owner of my dad's house with my younger brother after dad's passing. I have a good job and family, pay my taxes and do what is requried by law. Little brother has always lived with dad who enabled him and allowed him to grow weed in the back yard and sell it and slowly become rich. Little brother wants ALL of the house so he can continue his life style and honestly I want OUT of the house because I want nothing to do with what goes on there and have a family to protect. Little brother wants to buy me out IN CASH, cash that was not made by the book, etc.. Well that is the only way he can buy my half interest. Is there anyway this arrangement can work? I feel stupid for asking this questions, but is there a chance I can accept cash for my half of the house and would I be putting myself in jeopardy for doing so? Othe suggestions as to how I might get out from under this half interest would be appreciated. Thank you.
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  4. No, not frequently. I have been pulled over more times than I like to admit, mostly in my younger days. I'd say twice in the last 12 years or so. However, other than traffic stops I have had several run-ins with the law. I'd say 90% of the time my dealings with the law were my own doing. Yes, sad but true! I put MYSELF in those situations, and readily accept responsibility. Thanks again for your reply!!!
  5. It is not likely that the judge would know who bailed your son out since it was probably a bail bondsman who filed the necessary papers. Did the person posting the bond do it personally or retain a bondsman to do it?
  6. My son is about to be sentenced on felony charges. The person that bailed my son out on these charges was sued by my son's sentencing judge for an accident that resulted in the judge being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The judge lost all suits because the court ruled the accident was the judges fault. Isn't this a conflict of interest? Shouldn't the judge recuse himself from my son's case?
  7. No one can answer your questions without reading the contract and associated documents.
  8. My daughter is in the process of buying a home in a shady part of Baltimore. During the inspection mold was found in the basement. I haven't reviewed her documents yet however, she is led to believe the seller had no previous knowledge of mold. She hasn't gone to settlement yet. Is she obligated to buy or can she back out? If she can back out, how much time does she have before settlement to back out? is there penalty involved? Please advise.
  9. No OK attorneys are currently on these boards. I can tell you that according to OK statute §21-1436, punishment for a 2d degree burglary is not more than 7 years and not less than 2 years in prison. If you don't have an attorney, get one. If you do, take to them about potential outcomes.
  10. I have been charged with a burgeraly 2 I've been trying to stay positive and keep working hard and staying out of jail and paying fines I have been at my job for a year and a half now what do you think that they would do
  11. The insurance company is never going to pay more than its policy limit. Any amount over that you have to get from the driver.
  12. Employee handbooks are not laws, and employers are allowed to vary from them. There is no LAW that requires anyone to be fired. You still have not explained how you know what discipline did or did not occur. As I said, unless you have access to personnel files, you know only that firing did not occur.
  13. No. According to your post, your son has not suffered any damage. BTW, the tax office is not where to look for the title to the vehicle.
  14. Stipulation 1 is a reservation of a life tenancy and should be included in the deed. Stipulation 2 makes no sense.
  15. In the state of Texas, if an hourly employee has a city issued phone are they required to answer their city issued phone during their lunch break without being compensated? Is this against the state or federal law?
  16. A quit clzaim deed with the d Stipulations 1) the grantors are granted full tennency rights for both of their naturl lives.2)all back property p taxs due and all current and future taxs as long as they live
  17. My oldest son purchased a vehicle and traded in his SUV at a dealership in Dec 2016. About 4 months ago, while driving I noticed a vehicle that looked just like my son's SUV. I caught up to the vehicle, noticed it had the paper plates and had the same damages on the SUV. I took pictures to show someone. Last month he received the renewal for the tags. We went to the tax office and was informed that the title transfer was not done an the vehicle is still in his name. We were in shock because the trade in was done at at dealership. The next day he went to the dealership and informed of them of the problem. They had him sign a blank title transfer document. Till this day, I don't feel comfortable knowing that the dealership allowed someone to drive the SUV while under my son's name. Can he sue the dealership for putting my son liability and assets at risk? Less
  18. Prior to seeing an attorney, I called the attorney that is representing the insurance company. I asked what were they offering. He called back and said the max. of the policy. I contacted my union rep. that worked with an attorney. I went to attorney's office and showed him all of my son's documents. He was quite impressed because the documents were very detailed and that I filed the lawsuit before the statue of limitation deadline. I delayed everything because my son was in ICU and comma for months. The last thing that was on my mind was suing. I just wanted my son back and I did everything I could to help him. I informed the attorney of the received settle offer and he said he was going to try to get more money if I agreed to allow work the other possibilities. I don't know all of my son's options that is why I've been reaching out to get a clear understanding and to weigh the pros and cons.
  19. I personally reported the manager for wanted to fight me and so did 3-4 other employees. HR moved the employees that reported the manager to an office building further from their houses. HR did the same to me. One employee requested her personal file and is still waiting for HR. As for the law, the AD directive employee hand book and the training that employees are required to attend clearly mentions a list of prohibited behavior. Aggressive behavior creates a hostile work environment. and not safe for not only the other employees but also for the constitutes. As stated before, when she called her husband to the job her husband approached her employee in the hallway. Several employees and managers in the other near by offices had to pull her husband off of the employee.
  20. If you did not officially re-affirm the debt prior to your discharge then, no, you are not obligated to pay. Better read the following to make sure you didn't do something without realizing it: That is up to the mortgage company and nobody can predict what any given lender will do. One thing you have to understand is that, if you continue paying, the lender won't lift a finger to do anything as long as money is coming in. If you want the lender to take back the house, you have to stop making your payment and tell them you won't be making any payments ever again and you'll either sign over the deed or they can foreclose. Then see what happens. My problem with that is that you have been paying down the principal for the last 7 years. Isn't there some equity in the house that you should be concerned with? If it's substantial and the house is in decent shape you might wish to negotiate with the lender to allow the sale so you can keep some of the money. Obviously, the lender cannot ask you to do that but there is nothing stopping you from offering to pay the debt in exchange for a release. If they don't want that and you don't want to keep the house, just quit paying and live there for free. Accumulate cash for a couple of months during the process.
  21. We have a house that we are under no obligation to pay the mortgage on as stated in the letters we receive from the mortgage company. The debt was included in bankruptcy and debt was removed from our credit reports according to their records.We have been making voluntary repayment on the debt since 2010 instead of them foreclosing My question is are we truly under no obligation to pay this back and what happens if we tell the mortgage company we would like to surrender the house now?
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  23. Please see the "find a lawyer" tab at the top of each page.
  24. the mold has gotten so severe that fungus plants are began to grow from the walls and from the cabinets.. leaving a very terrible odor.PLEASE HELP
  25. hello my name is Yvonne Lennon, I'm trying to find a lawyer so I can began my case against my Landlord.. i have mold inside of my apartment and had reported to my landlord, the landlord refuses to fix the problem and the leak that I have inside of my apartment.. I please contact me at 956-534-4919
  26. Thanks doucar, I hear and agree what you and the other contributors are saying. I'm not at all oblivious to fact that I will end up having to just foot this bill as well as the the contracting job that is needed on the garage and the repurchasing of all the items that have been destroyed. I didn't know exactly where I stood with this issue, so I tried researching it and stumbled upon this site. I realized that this is an area that I'm truly not knowledgable in, so I asked for help. The funny things is is that I did learn some things. 1. There's no such thing as a formal document, that my little letters served the same purpose. 2. I could of used a root barrier at the fence line. 3. I didn't know that my neighbors are not liable for the damage that the squirrels caused, especially since it's their branches that's not only hanging over my property, but rubbing up against my garage as well; therefore causing the shingles to come off and giving the squirrels easy access. Although, as I originally stated "I'm not looking for anything with regards to that" 4. It's my responsibility to get a tree trimming service, but of course i've researched some places; however the non licensed tree trimmer quoted $1200 to just remove the leaves and branches that's directly hanging on the garage and $2500 to trim them high enough, so the squirrels couldn't get into the garage. Listen, forget about the quote$$$$ that the licensed trimmers quoted me. I really want to use the licensed trimmers just incase something goes wrong i'm thinking. 5. Finally, as far as the pest control companies go. I did call a company I found online and they said that they can remove the squirrels if there are any in the garage, and of course to patch up the roof as i've done to no avail. He did say something about how I can lay traps inside the garage, but nothing to stop them from going into the garage. He said the only other thing was to get in contact with my neighbors and have them cut down this tree, since their keeping their side free from branches and all the damage is falling on my side. I want to thank every single contributor who took the time out to assist me with this. I'll post the outcome eventually. lol Be well, and keep your thumbs up for me!
  27. You are very welcome.Our aim in law enforcement is to "Protect and to Serve,"and we took an oath to "uphold,and defend the Constitution of the United States." Most of us do just that,and do it very well,but like with all professions,you will find some "bad apples," who make all the rest of us look bad,but I've always tried to do things "by the book," and I'm very proud of that fact. You have a very blessed day.
  28. Really? Are you frequently approached by law enforcement? Why? I'm never approached by law enforcement. I haven't even been pulled over for a traffic stop in almost 20 years.
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