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  2. I will agree to promotion of prostitution. Not conspiracy. Because my fiance didn't know what was going on. Once they caught her they released her because she put everything on us and lied and said she was held against her will. I never said he drove us anywhere because I was the initial driver. Not guilty of human trafficking because we came to PA from Virginia to visit family not to engage in prostitution. Not guilty to involuntary servitude because she was not held against her will and she asked me to help her make money Which I did by posting us both an ad
  3. Yes the wrong doers have been removed.And I finally have peace in my home.My main issue is not that they spoke meanly to me but how I was transported. I feel that kind of treatment was unwarranted. I feel that on that one point I was mistreated.
  4. i was asked to move in with an ex girlfriend to help her take care of the house and her elderly mother the labor was iexchanged for my rent do i have renters rights ive been here 6 months and i have a ca id in this address shouldnt she have top give me notice
  5. This is not a do it yourself project. You need an experienced probate litigation attorney.
  6. Hi there, My grandpa passed and had a will made up. Unfortunately, the executor, who is my mother has fraudulently sent in a fake will. The will she sent in would have actually been used for my grandma, but my grandma passed before my grandpa; and my grandpa did not expect that. I have submitted photos of the will I received from her and the will I received from the county clerk. Photograph with the notary on the copy is from the county clerk. The one with no notary is the one I received from my mother. Another issue is the witnesses signatures are all in the same hand writing. I have many other facts to prove my case, but I just don’t know where to start. Someone please help!
  7. I forgot to add that she died seconds after they were told to remove her from support. They wrote in their report that the family member insisted, even though mom was stable. My lawyer told me that I only have 1 month left to sue the business owner. He's fine with it.
  8. Yes, I have an Attorney for the wrongful death. We don't need a medical expert, as the hospital documents are very clear. Mom went into arrest, but was stable. She was being watched. However, the sister n law told them to stop, and remove her from life support. The sister n law signed an affidavit that she had the right to do that, as she was married to mom's brother. However, all of my uncles were dead. I live in a different state, and wasn't notified until she had already been cremated. We were to be in trial this month, but they found a loophole to get it pushed out. The hospital didn't bother to look in the records for contacts, as the sister n law was there, and it was easier for them. As, far as the Insurance claim, I had an Attorney but she left the firm she was at. The partner doesn't do Insurance. He has my Civil case. I'm having a hard time finding one, as most of them work for the Insurance company not the Insured. I have a good case, as the police were there, & saw their truck loaded up. I paid the one that left the firm, and will pay the next one, if I can find one.
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  10. Your answer raises more questions. You say you are suing someone for wrongful death of your mother. Such a suit would require legal representation and, most likely, expert medical testimony. Such cases are difficult to present without substantial trial experience. Therefore, I assume you have an attorney representing the estate. What does your lawyer think about your idea of suing business owners for accepting an allegedly forged check? You also indicated you are trying to find an attorney to file a "bad faith" insurance claim. That is not surprising since such claims are almost always resolved in favor of the insurer. Since such cases seldom result in an award in favor of the plaintiff almost no attorney will take such a case on a contingent basis. Any attorney consenting to take such a case would demand a substantial retainer which I have a feeling you won't be willing to pay.
  11. Ye, I'm the Administrator of the Estate. I'm in court against this person & his wife now. However, it's for wrongful death. This couple had my mom's body sent to the mortuary & had her cremated, before I knew about it. The wife, signed a affidavit stating that she was her sister n law. When we filed in court, I didn't know about the forged checks. I found that out, after closing her accounts. It's too late to add that info to the Civil case. I filed an Insurance claim, but am having a hard time finding a bad faith claim Lawyer. So, I thought I'd start recouping by suing the business owners that took the checks with my mom's forged signature on it. It comes to quite a bit of money. Thanks for answering.
  12. My father in law is in a different state. Also after years of being a judge he is all about "don't escalate". He wants us to avoid any confrontation
  13. If both parents are willing to allow you to adopt the children you may be able to. But adoption is not a do-it-yourself project. Consult a local lawyer. I can't imagnenany court would allow an adoption without a home study and background check.
  14. Confused? Then it's time to hire a lawyer to help get you through this.
  15. If my father in law was a judge I would ask him, not anonymous strangers on the internet.
  16. Well, you and your girlfriend posted on the internet in order to solicit prostitution. Your boyfriend drove you from Pennsylvania to either Maryland, Tennessee, or Virginia (you are not clear there) in order to commit prostitution. I suggest you look up something called "Mann Act." What the three of you did was possibly a violation of that federal law. It sounds to me as if you got off easy. Based on what you described, you were certainly guilty of soliciting prostitution and you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting your guilty plea withdrawn. Since your boyfriend clearly carried both of you to the place of prostitution he is also almost certain to be convicted. Take the plea and be happy.
  17. We haven't called on dog siren thing yet. Trying to not escalate on advice from father in law who is a judge
  18. When you called the police about the dog siren, whatever that is, what do they do?
  19. Why in the world would you sue the business owner who accepted the checks? If anyone is liable, it would be the alleged forger. Anyway, only the executor or administrator of your mother's estate can file such a suit. Did you qualify as executor or administrator of your mother's estate? Finally, it may very well be that the statute of limitations will bar any suit against the alleged forger.
  20. My mom was in the hospital in a coma for 2 months before she died. After, she passed, I found that someone she knew wrote checks, and paid their own bills. I called one of the business owners to ask for the money back. He admitted he accepted the check from this person (his name was written on the top corner for the business owner to apply it to his account) as, he is his long time customer so he trusted him. However, he refused to give back the money. It's been almost 3 years. I hired a handwriting specialist to prove the checks were forged. I want to take the owner to small claims now, as the police tried to arrest the forger, but they refused to do a handwriting analysis, and claimed they didn't write the checks. The police said they can prove mom didn't write it, but can't prove who did write them. That leaves the business owner on the hook.I just don't know what to sue them for. Is it fraud? Derelict of duty and/or collusion ? I'm just not sure.The business owner isn't supposed to take a 3rd party check without checking ID, due to Identity theft. The person that gave him the check, paid their gardener, medicaid premiums & more.
  21. My mother passed away. she left me her house in her will. I have a court order saying the house is set aside without administration. So do i record the court order? And that is it? What about the property taxes? How do they get into my name? And it is a mobile home on a piece of land. so i have personal and real property taxes. And the court order is dated november 22, 2016. Do i have a time frame to record this??? I have the homeowners insurance in my name. I just want to make sure everything is done legally.. And i want to homestead the house or land. And i have a lien from health and human services from my mothers medicaid bill. I ask them if i could make payments. They told me no because of my brother is disabled. But he has nothing to do with owning the house. So does that make any sense? He tried to say he owned half. But the judge said i own all of it. That is what the court order says. I'm confused.
  22. Need some help/advice/recommendation or just confirmation I am not wrong. Have a crazy neighbor and not sure what to do about it. This is of course a summary but let me know if you have any suggestions or at least let me know I am not crazy. We live on a corner lot, issue is with neighbor behind us. So his side yard, our back yard. Old History w/ Neighbor (> 6 years or more ago) - Were letting dog out too early and it was barking. Neighbor asked us to not do this and we realized the timing was our issue and adjusted. To be fair we had a 1 month old baby and were just suffering baby brain. Haven't let dogs out prior to 9am in back yard since then. - Moved a play set to where he said it was code violation. He tried to intimidate my wife and called code enforcement on it twice. Both times code enforcement said it was fine. - One week night we were a little loud, were quiet on request, hasn't happened since. - Had a soccer team party at 5pm on a Saturday, about ten 8 year old kids running around for 2 hours. Pulled his car up to the fence, put car in neutral, kept car engine revved to be as obnoxious as possible, around 7pm. - We have called police on him a few times over yelling at kids and the car revving thing which I find dangerous since his car could pop out of gear and run my kids over. More recent history (last few years) - If kids play too loudly he will yell at them or rev his car engine right next to the fence. Most recently he called the police on them at 7 pm on a Sunday night for playing soccer too loudly. Police apologized to use. - If dogs bark for more than 10 - 15 seconds he blows airhorns at them or yells at them. We had a lawyer write a letter and that has ceased. - If a neighbor is over and the dogs are playing he yells at neighbors. So here is current situation on our end - Have 2 dogs. Aren't left outside while we are gone. Aren't allowed to bark for more than 1 - 2 minutes at most, usually only 3 - 4 barks before we bring them in. At this point he turns on this crazy high pitched dog siren that the dogs don't care about but drives me and my kids nuts. Wife can't hear it. For reference county code says dogs aren't an issue until 15 consecutive minutes of barking, never been near that. - Have 2 boys, age 10 and 12. They play soccer and other things in the yard and can get noisy. Never noisy after dark or early. - As of today the high pitched dog siren runs constantly, hasn't shut off in hours. Driving us bonkers. I feel like we are as accommodating as we can be with the dogs and I am getting to the point that I am over trying to keep the peace. I can post more information but want to scrub any personal details first. I can go on and on with dates/times, I have a 10 page document spanning years, videos, letters, etc. Am I crazy or is this completely harassing and nuisance behavior?
  23. So we were charged with human trafficking, involuntary servitude, promotion of prostitution, and conspiracy to all. The female that originally got arrested for prostitution, told arresting officer she was told to do this acts. Me and my fiance originally stayed in Richmond VA, and usually host adult entertainment parties including dancing and bartending. Nothing illegal. We were short dancers, I contacted her through a social media site and asked if she wanted to make money, she responded yea. She then stated after we were finish can I drive her to Tennessee. I told her yes. She sent her address and she was located in Charlottesville VA, Wich was about 2 hours away from Richmond. Me and my fiance picked her up and we drove back to Richmond, went out to eat and went back in the house. For about 4 hours. My fiance mom called from PA and asked him to get his furniture out her storage he agreed to do so. We drove to Pennsylvania. Made stops. Eat, went shopping and all. While my fiance was asleep the female asked me if I knew how to post on Backpage which is known to make money on by prostitutes. I said yes, she asked could I post her an ad, I agreed to and I also agreed to posting myself one. I told her verbally don't mention this to him because he would be upset if he found out. She agreed not to tell. While driving she was in the passenger seat, I handed her my phone because I wasn't able to text and drive, she we're responding to the guys. She then told me someone wanted to meet her. We went there my fiance asked we're we were going I didn't tell him, we got to the hotel, he was confused by then, once in parking lot he got out because I never told him why we were there. I parked and told him come back to car. He came back and asked again why we were there, I told him we were checking into a room. He was fine with that , me and her left, and went to the man room she had a date with. She went in and I walked back to the car, he asked we're she was I told him. She was talking to manager up front. While conversing with my fiance police pulled up and apprehended us. I repeatedly told my fiance I'm sorry. While at police station detective told me the girl said she was forced to do so and she was sleep from the time we picked her up, up until we got to hotel. And she said we said if she didn't make money for us we were leaving her stranded. Which all was a lie, i waved my right to my prelim because I was given a plea offer to plea guilty to promotion of prostitution. And all my time I will receive will be in county. They wouldn't let me testify on my fiance behalf during prelim. I recently went to court for my arraignment. My lawyer told me I was pleaing guilty to conspiracy to promote prostitution. And I would be getting a unsecured bond and would be leaving jail. Me not understanding that I was pleaing guilty to that. Pretty much saying me and another individual was promoting prostitution. My lawyer tricked me. Before I plead guilty I wrote up an affidavit for my fiance and gave it to my lawyer and it pretty much said that he didn't have anything to do with it. And I was the one that posted the ad. Even in the precinct I said it was me. My fiance is still incarcerated. Wondering why he's still in jail. Because they made me plea guilty to conspiracy to promote prostitution. Throwing my fiance under bus. So right now I'm trying to find a lawyer a different one because I fired previous one. To get my guilty plea back. We both are now thinking we should take it to trail. What do you think?
  24. Section 26-2A-70 Appointment and status of guardian of minor. A person may become a guardian of a minor by parental appointment or upon appointment by the court. The guardianship status continues until terminated, without regard to the location from time to time of the guardian or minor ward. Guardianship is ALWAYS subject to review and revocation. Temporary guardianship is a term generally used when custody is with a proposed guardian and the matter is set for contested hearing before the court. Once the letters are issued, it's no longer temporary, but it's not permanent in the sense that it can always be revisited or reviewed.
  25. That makes no sense. Please explain.
  26. That alone suggests that your fostering of the children is temporary and subject to periodic reassessment.
  27. The letters do not say, you need to look at the court order appointing you guardian.
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