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  2. Hello, I would like some insight and advice as to what laws I can reference during my credit card dispute against two chiropractors who are refusing to give me a refund. I would like to know more about my rights in regards to medical services. I went to Dr. H on November 4, 2016. I found him through my insurance and went to get my x-rays done with a separate company through his referral. During my second visit, the doctor(s) told me that my neck is degenerating and that I would need to come in 2 times a week for 3 months or else I would have to get surgery. They refused to take my insurance for the next sessions and told me to pay upfront in cash for a discount-- which I felt pressured to do so. After that, I went in 5 times out of 24. During my second visit, I told them that I would like a refund since my insurance company told me that paying them in cash is wrong-- especially since they are with my insurance company. I told the doctors my situation and he refused to give me the refund-- telling me to continue my treatment to avoid surgery. During the visits my sessions shortened from 1 hour to 30 minutes. I was left unsupervised and did not receive all of the treatments that were promised to me. Their treatment towards me changed and they started raising their voices at me and saying inappropriate and racist comments, which made me feel uncomfortable. When I asked to see my bill for the sessions, they charged my for things that I never received. During my last visit, I asked the doctors again for a refund and that I was not satisfied with their treatments and that I felt uncomfortable with them touching my body. They refused to give me a refund of the 19 sessions that I did not complete, and yelled at me to leave their establishment, cursing at me and telling me not to step foot again. I haven't received a refund for the 19 sessions that I did not go to. I opened a credit card dispute with Barclaycard telling them what had happened and that there are no signs in the office saying no refunds (which is stated here: I am trying to repeal my dispute in order to get my refund and would like more information as to what laws I should look into for medical services refund, etc, or how I can go about this case in small claims. I contacted the State Board and they have yet to respond. Any sort of legal advice would be greatly appreciated as I would like to get my refund back. Thank you.
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  4. For starters, you (still) haven't identified your state, so no one can point to any particular laws. However, it should go without saying that there are any number of laws that "protect" owners of real property. That said, you have told us that your June 2016 divorce agreement/judgment provided that your ex-wife was to move out by August 2016. You told us that she failed to comply and that, on November 21, 2016 you "appeared in court," at which time "[t]he judge scared [your] ex with jail time and [appointed an] attorney [to represent her and that her attorney and your] attorney . . . agreed that [you would] come back to the court on December 6th 2016," apparently in order to give "her attorney [time] to familiarize [him/herself] with the OSC and respond to it." So far so good. You then told us that, for reasons that "[n]o one knows," the December 6, 2016 date was pushed out to February 6, 2016. That's the key thing here. Needless to say, no one on this or any other internet message board will have the slightest idea why a court in an unknown state and county continued a hearing date in your case. More importantly, you said that your (former) attorney learned about this continuance on the evening of November 21, 2016. That was sixty days ago, and February 6, 2016 is only 17 days from now. If you objected to the two month continuance, you could have objected at the time and, perhaps, gotten an earlier date. However, at this point, it's hard to imagine that you'll be able to do much of anything about this, but only someone who regularly practices in the court where your case is being heard will know for sure.
  5. 1. My ex didn't have attorney. The Judge gave her "Court-Appointed" attorney 2. We filed OSC. The time between Nov 21st and Dec 6th was for her attorney to familiarize with the OSC and respond to it. 3. No money to "live" 4. I'm asking for advice how I can get my house back. Is there a law that protect me as an owner? I don't have attorney anymore, cant afford it.
  6. Gave her attorney what? Come back for what purpose? No money to leave what? I'm not sure what sort of "help" you think anyone on an internet message board can provide. We haven't read any papers relating to your case, and you didn't even tell us what state you're in (although that's not really all that relevant to anything). You have an attorney, so that's the person to whom you should be looking for information.
  7. Probate for which estate? Which estate? Your mother had an estate, and your stepfather had an estate (i.e., there were two of them). Since your mother had no will, her husband should have inherited all of her community property, but separate property should have been divided between her husband and her children. Did she have any separate property? For starters, you were under no obligation to pay funeral expenses or for the disposition of their bodily remains. However, because you did so, you were entitled to reimbursement of those costs from the two estates. Did you submit claims? Second, just as you were under no obligation to pay for these things, neither was your step uncle (which I assume means your step-father's brother). Why do you think he should have paid for those things? Are we supposed to assume that he was appointed by the probate court as administrator for both estates? Third, why did you "clean[] out their house and [pay] storage for their belongings"? You were not under any obligation to do either of those things. As far as "open[ing] a lawsuit," whom do you want to sue? And what "future cost" are you talking about?
  8. Then I suggest you consult with a local about the best way to achieve whatever result you want to achieve. The situation is obviously more complex than other landlord-tenant situations, so you'll need to have someone review the lease and any other relevant documents.
  9. Did you file a claim in the probate? If not it may be too late to sue as most states require you to file a claim, or it is waived. What future costs do you want to recover.
  10. They ARE on a part of the property that is leased to me.
  11. Mother died in Feb. 2012 step father died in July 2012. Since mom died before step dad and neither had a will step family inherited entire estate. Probate closed and was distributed in May 2016. I paid for and have their cremated remains, cleaned out their house and paid storage for their belongings. My step uncle refuses to pay for any of my expenses as well as any funeral expense to lay them to rest. I want to open a lawsuit for expenses already paid and funeral cost because I don't have the money to lay them to rest. Can I include future cost in the lawsuit?
  12. I signed divorce in June 2016. I was leaving separately since November 2014. We agreed in the final stipulation that I pay off my ex and I will keep the house (my pre-marital asset). The agreement was I pay her off by August 1st 2016 and she move out by that date. I did pay the whole amount. She did not move out. I kept asking her for 2 months, nothing. I hired attorney. We filed the case and appeared in court on November 21st 2016. The judge scared my ex with jail time and gave her attorney. My attorney and her agreed that we come back to the court on December 6th 2016. Everyone including the Judge signed that agreement. That same day in the evening my attorney received an email from her attorney that the court date was moved from December 6th 2016 to February 6th 2017. I have no money to leave. My whole salary goes to support her. ¼ child support. ¼ alimony and ½ mortgage. No one knows how the date got moved 2 months forward. If this is not a violation of my rights than I don’t know what is. Please help. Every advice will be greatly appreciated.
  13. What was the nature of what was reported to DCF? Schools are mandatory reporters and they can get in major trouble for not making a report, even if it is questionable. I don't know the procedure for requesting out of district transfers but it is common for the school board to be the one to make those decisions, particularly if the child is hoping to attend a school that is already at or over capacity. I have no idea what to make of the bomb threat allegation, but if it indeed wasn't your husband, it should amount to little. Private school or homeschooling are also options. If this is just one bully, have you spoken with that child's parents? Are you active in the school as far as volunteering, PTA, attending school functions, socializing with the other parents, etc.? All of those things can have a tremendous impact. As can getting your kid involved in school activities and things like sports, scouts, dance, etc. Have you spoken with your son's Teachers to find out what might be going on in the classroom?
  14. What did you "forget" to put down and where? What was the nature of your convictions? Why did you leave your last employer? It is sounding like you were turned down by just one employer. Is that the case or are there many employers who have rejected you? And everything cbg asked.
  15. Well...if, as you wrote, he was only "charged with one count," I can understand why he wouldn't understand "why he [was] charged with two counts." I have no idea what "split the senates" might mean. Also, you didn't tell us who wrote this "statement." Since the only person who can file criminal charges, is a prosecuting attorney, I assume that's who wrote it. Correct? For starters, what does any of this have to do with you? Were you the defendant? You've told us that the person was charged, but you didn't tell us anything about anything else. Did the case go to trial? Was the defendant convicted? If there was a conviction, has the defendant completed the sentence? No one can provide reliable "suggestions [about] what he should do about this case" without knowing all of the relevant facts. If the defendant wants reliable advice, he should speak with a local criminal defense attorney.
  16. The article to which I linked states the following: "If the consumer still wants to buy the car, knowing it is considered 'unsafe,' the dealer may sell the car but must list the safety defects for the buyer." It's contradictory because "as is" means you got no warranty (a "service contract" is a warranty). As I mentioned in my prior response, such a law would be awfully silly, and the fact that you can't find anything simply supports the conclusion that no such law exists. Feel free to go back to the "several people" who told you that such a law exists and see if any of them can cite any statutory or case law. Again, if none of them are able to do so, that should tell you all you need to know about their credibility. If that's all you want to know, then that's that. However, RSA 358-F requires that, if a "vehicle is found to be unsafe for operation, the dealer may sell the vehicle to the customer without correcting the defects, but only if the dealer presents to the customer at the time of sale a notice" that the vehicle will not pass inspection and is unsafe to drive and lists the defects that need to be corrected before an inspection sticker will be issued. While the dealer who sold you your vehicle notified you that the vehicle would not pass inspection, it apparently failed to list the required repairs. RSA 358-F:4 provides that the remedies enumerated in RSA 358-A may be sought. While I didn't read through all of RSA 358-A, it looks like you can recover monetary damages and may be able to seek rescission of the transaction. RSA 415-C governs, generally, consumer guaranty contracts. While it might have some application to the interpretation of the service contract you bought, it isn't otherwise relevant to the issue you raised.
  17. Sadly It's not. You're always gonna need an attorney in situations like this.
  18. I would talk with an attorney from that area.
  19. Yes, I asked what was wrong with the vehicle. The salesman said that he couldn't say. I assumed that he meant that he wasn't sure. My mistake. I have a document that states that the vehicle is being sold as-is; there is nothing on the document stating what is wrong with the vehicle, even though there in a section for this and, as far as I can determine from reading the state statutes, this information is legally required. This is the first vehicle I've purchased in New Hampshire (I had just moved here from Florida where we don't have vehicle inspections). The last time we had vehicle inspections in Florida, it was for lights, brakes, horn, cracked glass, and emissions. I erroneously assumed that NH inspection was the same. Again, my mistake. I was not surprised that the vehicle failed inspection; I was surprised at how badly it failed, and why. I had intended to get it inspected, learn what had to be fixed, fix it, then have it inspected again. It wasn't that old of a car, handled well when I drove it, and was in really good condition, inside and out. The problem was with a cross member that serves as the engine cradle; it was not coated at the factory, and rusts away after just a few years, which has resulted in the engines dropping out of these cars. There was an attempt by several owners of these vehicles to bring a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer, but it failed for whatever reason. The manufacturer has refused to assist consumers in any way. The vehicle was even taken out of production for a couple of years, then recently reintroduced. I don't see how my statement is contradictory, because that's exactly what happened: I purchased the vehicle, as-is, and I also purchased a service contract through the same dealer when I purchased the vehicle. I have already read those search results, that article, and as much of the relevant statutes (Title XXXVII, R.S.A. 415-C) as I can find, but haven't found anything that addresses my particular question. The issue is not whether anyone is prohibited from selling a service contract; the issue is whether or not a licensed auto dealer can sell a service contract for a vehicle that is being sold as-is, knowing that the vehicle won't pass inspection. Thank you for your reply.
  20. What is your question? Everyone will be able to help you out much more if you are more clear as to what you're asking. All I got out of it is that he was charged
  21. Start contacting various Los Angeles probate attorneys by phone or by email and plead poverty and explain your situation and one of the might be willing to assist you with this. Explain that you have no way of knowing whether the safety deposit box has anything of value or not, but that if it does, hopefully there will be enough in it to reimburse for the filing fees and something towards attorney fees.
  22. A criminal defense attorney. Isn't trying to do what? What do you think he should be doing that he hasn't done? Nothing in your post suggests a strong defense, but this is obviously something to be discussing with your attorney. By the way it's worth pointing out that, in the subject header of your post, you wrote that the "[h]otel allow[ed] [a] stranger entry to [your] room," but then, in your post, you wrote that it is "still unknown" how she "gained entry into [your] room." Just because she gained access to your room doesn't mean that the hotel allowed her to do so. I'm guessing this wasn't exactly a high security hotel.
  23. December 2nd, I was laying in my hotel room. When there was a knock at my door. 2 officers I stepped outside and asked what was going on. They had already recieved a key to my room from the front desk. The Officer told me that my name has came up, I asked what was going on and they refused to tell me anything. I was shoeless and they told me I was going downtown for questioning and I could either come in cuffs or without. at this time I asked if I was under or arrest or free to go and the officer neutrally stated I was not under arrest but I was not free to go. Since I answered the door with no shoes or shirt on they asked me If I wanted to go back into my room to grab clothes. I said I would but the officer said I could only go if they could come with as they had to keep eyes on me at all times in case I were to try and run (still no idea what they wanted from me) I stated that they were not entering my room without a search warrant and that I would go to the station as is. The snyde detective as they were putting me in the car said that they were "seizing my car too" When I got to the station I was informed that there was an unusual death and my car matched the description of a car linked to the death shortly into this interrogation my car was ruled out as I had 2 malfunctioning headlights that were being repaired. They kept me in the room for 2 hours after I was ruled out, meanwhile a young female had somehow (still unknown) gained entry into my room. I was the only one with a key to the room and my name was the only one shown as renting/staying there. The police returned to my room and asked this lady who was not renting the room or staying with me and had no right to be in that room if they could come in and ask her some questions, she obliged. While in the room they spotted a roll of money this girl had taken from my wallet and was planning on stealing, along with a bag of crystal meth on the bed. They then applied for a search warrant and were granted one. I am now being charged with Possession with intent methamphetamines 10-50g. What is my best option, my public attorney isn't even trying, I lost all my money that day and haven't been able to work since I have been sitting 52 days in jail. Is my case beatable?
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  25. I have a couple of questions. Have you been told that your criminal history is the reason you're not getting jobs or are you assuming it? If you've been told it, how many times? If you've not been told it, are you being called for interviews and not getting the job, or are you not being called for interviews?
  26. Absent a law that limits an employer's ability to look back, yes. I suggest you read this article published by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. It explains what I would characterize as some fairly significant restrictions on an employer's ability to refuse to hire a potential employee because of the employee's criminal history. While the article does not mention any sort of temporal restriction, it does state that "[a]n employer may only refuse to hire a qualified applicant because of a conviction record for an offense that is substantially related to the circumstances of a particular job." In addition to reading the article, I suggest you look up and read the statutes cited in the article (always better to read the actual law than a summary of the law, even if that summary is published by a governmental entity). Notwithstanding the applicable law, if an employer doesn't want to hire you because of your criminal history, it can probably find any number of ways to do so without creating any evidence of same. While I didn't search exhaustively, I saw nothing that would suggest that any sort of blanket legal prohibition exists in this regard. Of course, the nature of your apparently fairly extensive (albeit old) criminal career may be relevant here.
  27. Did you ask? How could you be surprised given that you admit having been "informed that it would not pass state inspection"? Just FYI, these two statements contradict each other. When someone tells you that "the law says ____" but can't cite any statutory or case law to support the claim, it is typically a big tip-off that the person doesn't know what he/she is talking about. Nevertheless, I googled "is it legal for a dealer in new hampshire to sell a vehicle that won't pass inspection" and suggest you review some of the results. In particular, I suggest you read this article at the web site of the New Hampshire Department of Justice. The article says nothing about any prohibition against selling a service contract (and, indeed, such a law would be awfully silly). However, and while the dealer who sold you your car apparently complied with most of the requirements of the applicable law, it does appear that it failed to comply with at least one of the requirements. In addition to reviewing this article, I suggest that you look up and read the statutes cited in the article.
  28. I purchased a used vehicle from a dealership. I bought it as-is, and was informed that it would not pass state inspection. I was not told what was wrong with the vehicle, or what repairs would be necessary. I declined to have it inspected at the time of purchase. When I took it to be inspected a week later, it failed miserably, which surprised me because it appeared to be in really good condition. When I purchased the vehicle, the dealer also sold me a service contract that doesn't cover any of the problems found during the inspection. I have since traded the vehicle to another dealership. Just before I traded the vehicle, I was told by several people that it's illegal for a car dealer in New Hampshire to sell a service contract for a vehicle that won't pass inspection. The dealer to whom I traded the vehicle told me the same thing, but couldn't site the law or statute. Is this true, and what is the relevant law or statute?
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