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  2. If child is still living with you,. You don't know why your parents did this? Have you asked them?
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  4. When someone is charged with violation of ga code 16-13-32.5 does the property in question have to be included in the countys ordinances as being protected location and does a county map have to be in place beforehand showing the property and the 1000 ft extending out from it? My sister was charged with this and I would like to know if there are ga guidelines or procedures in relation to this code.
  5. Have had Guardianship of 3 grandchildren for almost 2 years due to both parents drug addiction. Before final guardianship court date. Parents we're summoned to court to be ordered to submit to drug test. Both consented they would. But both never followed through once it was known it was a Hair follicle test. Then did not show up for the guardianship court date. So guardianship was granted. No visitation plan was issued because of No show. Bio Father has been on Probation for 15 months with routine regular UAs. So Father's sobriety is monitored by the state .Father has held a job for 1 year now. Living with us (last 6 months)and his children after 7 months of confirmed sobriety of state testing. Bio Mother is not on probation. No testing. As of this February Mother is working and new boyfriend. New Boyfriend has a Record, (2) domestic, assaults and assault on peace officer, and 2 DUI. Last arrest in 2013.mi New Boyfriend known to do drugs and a regular marijuana user. New Boyfriend has held a job for 4 years and has NOW bought a house in his name only. They plan on marrying. They have been living with her family. They will soon be moving into the new home. I have allowed 1 over night visits with kids with Mom once a week as long as living with her family. With family supervision. Father is in our home with our supervision. We have no drug testing from Mom confirming being drug free. And now a new boyfriend/ Husband who possibly uses drugs. The word in our small town is she is still using minimally. We have asked her to do a drug test confirming to us she is clean. But nothing. She will be moving into New House soon. As Guardians is it reasonable for us to not allow overnight visits in new home till she gives us a hair follicle test showing her length of sobriety?
  6. Best advice. . . talk to and hire a good bk attny. Des.
  7. As with any law, there can arise issues of interpretation. Let's start from the beginning: "It is unlawful for any public officer having charge of any vehicle owned or controlled by any county, city, town, or public body in this state....." There are more government bodies within the civil infrastructure that use government/county/company owned vehicles outside of just law enforcement. Public health departments, utility departments, child protective services, etc.... these are just a couple examples. Next: "This section shall not apply to vehicles of a sheriff's office, local police department, or any vehicles used by local peace officers under public authority for special undercover or confidential investigative purposes...." My interpretation of this is just the same as stated in the above article. The section does not apply to the sheriff's office. It does not apply to local police departments. As for the third listing - vehicles used by local peace officers under public authority - I take that to mean other departments given the authority to conduct special undercover or confidential investigations. FBI for instance would be an organization that comes to mind. As stated earlier, this is my interpretation. I could be dead on, or I could be wrong. It doesn't affect me at the end of the day, but thought I would state my opinion anyway.
  8. the manager has changed and the offer of $800 was from the previous manager,the new one says previous one made a mistake.
  9. Like anyone else, she has dozens of legal rights, and it would serve no useful purpose to try and list them. Beyond that, I don't really understand your question. Truancy is taken seriously -- regardless of whether there was a "good reason" for the absences. All that you and she can do at this point is appear and explain the circumstances. Since she's 18, I assume she's a high school senior, so the best case scenario will be that the absences are forgiven and she is allowed to graduate with her class.
  10. Then, basically what happened is this: The landlord offered to renew your lease at a rate of $800. By not entering into a new lease, you failed to accept that offer, so the landlord withdrew the offer and made a new offer at a higher rate. Is there some reason why you'd think the landlord might be bound the the $800 rate in perpetuity even though there's no new lease?
  11. In any future posts, please make an effort to use something that resembles proper capitalization and punctuation. Doing so will make it easier for others to read and understand what you write. 9/02/17 is slightly more than four months in the future. Did you mean 2016? Why do you think you lack this ability? I have no clue what you might mean by "sue him for passion." You can, of course, sue. However, the bike is apparently jointly owned by your son and your husband, so your son has every right to it. Unless you have a written agreement with your son that gives you a superior right to possess the bike, then you're likely out of luck. You can also advise the lender what has happened and cooperate with the lender's efforts to repossess the bike. If you cooperate, the lender may agree not to report the default on your husband's credit.
  12. No i have'nt signed the lease yet
  13. Told by whom? Where is it that you normally park? On company property? On property owned by someone other than your employer but which is made available for parking by your employer's employees? Notified by whom? For whom does "maintenance" work? The fact that you have stated two contradictory possibilities suggests that you don't know which happened (if either) and, if you don't know whether the car was towed from the back or the front, then you also cannot know whether whoever did the towing disengaged the parking brake and/or put the transmission in neutral. Right? Towing companies pretty commonly understand that these things need to be done in order for a tow to be done properly. Is there some reason why you think that the person who did the towing might have been a complete moron? I'm not sure who "they" are, but if the towing company damaged your car, it likely will be obligated to pay the reasonable cost of repair. What more could you possibly want?
  14. In the month between the time that you received the first notice and today, did you sign a new lease at the $800 monthly rate?
  15. My daughter is 18 years old and this school year has been a very hard year for me and my 3 daughters! I became very ill and unfortunately lost my job which then lead to us losing are house! My younger 2 went to school everyday no matter what but my older daughter having the heart she does missed some days of school because I was very ill and since we were staying in are car I couldn't drive Because I was constantly vomiting! The school never said anything to her about being absent nor did they do any type of punishment! Now we got a notice to go to Court because of her absences. Her grades are great and she has never been in trouble! Is there anything I can do for her and what right does she have?
  16. my husband co signed for a 4 wheeler for our son,my husband is also co owner of said 4 wheeler his name is on title with our sons and our son isn't maken the payments we have been maken the payments so it don't hurt our credit, our son moved and we havwe no idea where bike is and he wont give it to us. the loan for bike was 10,189,00 and it was bought on 09/02/2017 , so we cant file small claims case ,so what can we do to sue him for passion of bike and the payment he missed
  17. If the emergency brake was on and the transmission was in first gear the car would have to be put on a dolly to tow. No competent tow truck operator would tow a vehicle in the condition you suggest without taking the necessary step of putting the wheels on a dolly.
  18. Do I understand that you don't have any damages to your automobile but you are concerned that you might on some future day? Ordinarily I would suggest that someone in your situation speak with his or her supervisor, but if I were your supervisor I wouldn't take too kindly to someone coming to me with a concern about something that hasn't happened yet. Yes, I understand your car was towed improperly, but what is it that you want exactly? You haven't suffered any damages. I imagine driving on anything but highways would cause stress to your clutch and what you describe hardly sounds like "abuse."
  19. I just started a new job and was required to go out of town on business. The company rented a car for me and two other employees to use on our trip. I was told to park for the week where I normally do. A few days into our trip, we were notified our cars were towed because maintenance decided last minute to re-pave the parking lot. I have a 2017 with a manual transmission. The cars were towed away, and when they realized they were ours, they were towed back. I had the car in first gear with the parking break on. If they towed the car from the front, it put stress on my e-break cable and my rear breaks. If they towed it from the back, it put stress on my clutch and transmission. Are they obligated to do anything other than replace parts if they are broken? A clutch and transmission can take a while before they go out because of abuse. I have only had the car three months and was not only authorized to park there for a week, but required by them.
  20. It is legal until you have a signed lease.
  21. Although the business may own the building, if you own the business then the building is an asset to be dealt with in the bankruptcy. Upon filing, everything you own "belongs" to the bankruptcy court. So the bankruptcy court will own the business that owns the building.
  22. hi all, a month ago my residential property manager sent me a notice for rental renewal and the new rent in the notice was for example $800,but today a new manager who has just started working in our complex called me and said there was a mistake from the previous manager and the new rent is $1000. is this legal? thanks for your advice
  23. You wrote that you -- an individual -- are filing BK. However, it appears that you don't own the building ("the building is in my previous business name"). You also wrote that "[t]he building . . . has . . . employee 941 taxes owed," but that doesn't make any sense. A building cannot owe taxes. You also told us that the building is encumbered by a mortgage, but you didn't tell us who the borrower on the mortgage is. With all that being said, if you have or may have personal liability for the taxes mentioned, then they need to be included in Schedule E to your bankruptcy petition. Likewise, if you are or may be personally liable for the mortgage, it needs to be included on Schedule D. Hire a bankruptcy lawyer to make sure you do all this correctly.
  24. Bankruptcy includes everything you own and everything you owe. Simple isn't it.. I would strongly advise you to get a lawyer. The elements you mentioned, i.e. commercial realty, trust fund taxes, and a commercial mortgage are going to necessitate legal help.
  25. I am filing a chp 13 bankruptcy. I own a commercial building that is not currently in operation but I would like to keep my building and open a business in it. The building still has a SBA mortgage on it along with employee 941 taxes owed to the IRS by the previous business that closed five years ago. If the building is in my previous business name, do I have to include the taxes and building note in my chapter 13?
  26. My guess is that he would not. After all, the possibility exists that, at any moment, he could be deported. Even if the discovery of his illegal status during the pre-adoption investigation didn't directly result in him being deported, I doubt any court would allow the adoption with the possibility of deportation continually hovering over his head. He should take care of his immigration status first (and frankly, it was more than a little irresponsible of you to allow him to become "daddy" knowing of his illegal status).
  27. Probably not. And you certainly don't want to bring him to the attention of the court. It's likely to get him deported. Get him legal first.
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