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  3. You often have protection from retaliation for reporting potential violations of the law to government agencies. There are some federal laws that protect employees from retaliation for reporting suspected law violations (simply being “unfair” isn’t enough, it has to be a violation of the law) in house, but the circumstances are limited. If the employer is a SEC reporting company (e.g. has stock or securities that trade publicly) or is a financial services company like a bank, mortgage company, etc., there is some protection from retaliation for reporting those suspected violations to company management. You might want to discuss your situation with a Georgia employment law attorney to find out if you might have any recourse. Just understand that in a lot cases the employer can legally fire you for complaining in house about how they do things, even if what they are doing might be illegal. Still, there are some instances where you have protection, and many attorneys give free initial consultations so you don’t have much to lose but a little of your time to find out where you stand. And certainly you ought to file for unemployment benefits.
  4. Are their any protections for private employees who are retaliated against for noticing FTC and Unfair business practices affecting the public and who went through the proper channels at work including HR to discuss issues? I was picked on, job title changed, denied bonus opportunities, and then fired. I am being told that the retaliation is legal and I have no protections because my employer is a privately owned company and because I did not report issues directly to government agency before getting harassed and fired. I just want to confirm if this is correct or do I have any protections in the state of Georgia or federal?
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  6. If he is a felon, then it is illegal for him to possess a gun or gun ammunition. Possession is not about ownership. It is about the ability to access the weapon and exert control over it. Generally speaking, if an item is located in an area where a person has access to it and the person knows the item is there then the person is considered to be in possession of it. More than one person may be considered to be in possession of an item at a given time depending on the circumstances. This is why when a gun or drugs are left in the common areas of a home or the passenger compartment of a car all persons in the home or in the car are potentially liable for being charged with possession of it. So your gun being present in the home where a felon was present is certainly a problem for the felon.
  7. Possession and ownership are not the same thing. If he had access to the gun, particularly if it was in his home, he can be charged with possession of the gun. So I think you owe RetiredinVa an apology, because he was right.
  8. @ RetiredInVa I have seen you trolling this site putting your antagonistic and snide comments all over the place just to mess with people . Since you aren't intelligent enough to even grasp the difference between possessing a gun and being in the same room as one I don't feel the need to continue wasting my time with you .
  9. What would make you think there was a "new term"? You're free to move out whenever you like, but you moving out won't release you from your obligations under the lease -- even if you give 30 days' notice. Unless the lease has some very unusual terms, the tenancy won't terminate until you and your roommate surrender possession of the premises. That's one of the problems with roommate arrangements. What happens if the roommates have a falling out? The lease itself doesn't deal with that sort of thing. Uh huh.... Well...the picture of the lease that you posted indicates that it has an auto-renewal provision, so what's unclear about this? Also, the addendum says nothing about "rules." I don't understand what you're asking. Why would "they" give "a new term." I don't even know what that means. The original lease term was apparently 7/25/16 through 7/25/17 and apparently auto-renewed under the terms of paragraph 7. The addendum binds you to the terms of the lease. So...what exactly is the question? Why would you sign a document that bound you to the terms of the original lease and by which you "acknowledge[d] the terms of the original lease" if you hadn't read the lease?
  10. Based on things the OP has said in other threads, I suspect that the OP would like to argue that if the judge hearing the criminal case had not taken his/her oath of office, then the rulings, the decision, and other actions taken by the judge in the criminal case are invalid. California, however, recognizes the 'de facto officer' doctrine. Even if the judge had not taken his/her oath of office and was nevertheless seated and hearing cases, the judge's actions and rulings and decisions would still be valid to the same extent as if he/she had done so. Under the 'de facto officer' doctrine, the judge's right to hold office on the basis of a defect such as failing to take the oath of office cannot be collaterally attacked in a case that the judge is hearing; the judge's right to hold office on such a basis would have to be challenged, if at all, in an action brought against the judge directly for that purpose.
  11. I have no idea what you're talking about when you refer to "the Sale of Goods Act." If the items you bought were damaged, you should be able to return them for replacement or a refund.
  12. I would really like to know where it says a convicted felon can possess a firearm as long as he or she doesn't own the gun. Your gun is likely a goner.
  13. Only way you'll find out is by asking whomever currently has the gun. We have no conceivable way of knowing (as is the case with pretty much all of the rest of your questions). If I were you, I would distance myself from these criminals as quickly and as much as possible.
  14. Each of you needs to have a will or the two of you need to create a trust. That's the only way that your estates (plural) will go to anyone other than relatives or the state. First of all, you don't have a single estate; each of you will have an estate. Second, you can't predict the value of your estate. The money may be needed for medical care, nursing homes, etc. That said, if you have that level of net worth, you would be foolish not to consult with an estate planning attorney. Folks on a message board are in no position to assess what's "best" for some anonymous stranger. However, I disagree with the statement in the prior response that "Trusts . . . would be an unnecessary complication." We have no way of knowing that.
  15. I'm not sure who "we" are, but nothing in your post indicates you have standing to do anything. You can, of course, assist your brother financially and emotionally and can help him find an attorney.
  16. Asking whether a judge has jurisdiction makes no sense. Judges don't have jurisdiction; courts have jurisdiction, and the Tulare County Superior Court has subject matter jurisdiction over all criminal cases pending in that county. If a person is a judge, then he has sworn his oath of office and is empowered to preside over whatever cases are assigned to him.
  17. The terms of your written lease control until and unless the two of you clearly agree to modify those terms (you should insist that any modification be in writing).
  18. He'll be back from vacation in plenty of time to address the issue.
  19. I just read through the lease and saw that it says it automatically renews from year to year, but they never gave a new term, so can it still be applied to me? They never even gave me a copy of the lease at first, I had to ask and only recently got my hands on a copy.
  20. Did the old lease convert to a month-to-month lease when the original term expired. That is the most common practice. But it also occurs that he old lease may be extended for an additional year. As I indicated, it is perilous to comment on a document that has never been seen.
  21. I understand that, but the original lease expired in July 2017 and they never said anything about a new term, just that I have to comply with the rules of the old lease.
  22. Commenting on a document you have never seen is a fools errand. If the addendum refers to the original lease and incorporates the original then it is not just an addition. It makes you subject to all the terms of the original lease.
  23. The federal rules of civil procedure (FRCP) only apply in federal courts; it does not apply to actions in any state court. So don’t cite the FRCP in a NJ court as the FRCP is irrelevant to actions in state court. Instead, you need to look at the NJ rules of court. Under Part 4 of the NJ Rules of Court that govern most civil proceedings the process is that the plaintiff files a complaint with the court, the court clerk then issues a notice of the track that the case is assigned within 10 days, and the plaintiff then annexes a copy of the track to the summons and complaint to be served on the defendant. Screwing up that order is not a fraud, but it may render the summons and complaint ineffective. If you are the defendant you ought to have the matter reviewed by a lawyer to determine whether you need to answer the complaint and what risk you take if you fail to answer.
  24. I signed a lease addendum about two months after I moved into an apartment because my roommate couldn’t afford the apartment on his own. We signed it and dated it, but nowhere does it state what the new term is, it just states that the lease is originally dated 7/25/2016. I have been having problems with my roommate being loud and messy when he said he was clean and quiet. I already sent in a 30 day notice because the lease states that it will automatically be renewed if you don’t give a 30 day notice, but am I legally able to move out at any time? The form states it will serve as an addendum to my lease, but an addendum is just an addition to a lease.
  25. Your reference to the 'Sale of Goods Act' suggests that you may be located in the UK or Canada, both of which have statutes with that name, or perhaps some other non-US jurisdiction that has a statute with that name. This message board focuses on questions about law in the US. For guidance on UK law (or that of Canada, or some other international jurisdiction), you should consult a lawyer in that jurisdiction or a website that addresses legal questions in that jurisdiction.
  26. I'll try to make this short and sweet to get to the point. I came from outta state via plane to see friends for 2 wks in Arizona , next day a bunch of cops busted in all doors.w with a search warrant . he got arrested I didn't .He resides in Maricopa but Scottsdale are the ones who busted the door ??? He was charged with possession. of dangerous Drug , paraphanelia , possession of handgun on.prohibited possession due to prior Drug conviction . Was given a bond above 4000$ and it was posted for him a few days later and he bailed out. The messed up bit is it was my gun that a friend brought over for me earlier that day and left at his place for me to pick up . He has a prior Drug conviction ,and is a felon but is not prohibited from being around guns , just owning them . I am supposed to fly out the morning of his court date and dont think I can afford to extend my ticket . I am happy to come back for court , so a few questions please which I hope I get some help here . . . I was wondering if i gave a notarized statement about the gun from all parties aware of the transaction if i can get the gun released back to me ?And most important , Will i get charged with something over the gun , and what may that be ? Even tho I didn't know about the drugs or about him accepting responsibility for it trying to protect me sense he considered himself already in trouble ? Why would Scottsdale be here with 30 cops , the entire street literally lined with under cover cops vehicles , when it isn't there jurisdiction here ? Seems someone snitched him out and they got arrested in Scottsdale & agreed to snitch in order to save his own ass . And if that is the case he has a right to know this person so his character can be called up right ??? They seized both his vehicles , but that was before they dropped the money laundering concealed proceeds charge . One of which he had already sold to someone else the week prior to this happening .Can he get them back now , doesn't seem to be any justifications to them taking or keeping them . There was nothing Drug related on either vehicle . Why if the search warrant was approved to get any drugs or paraphanelia , monies involved did they leave paraphanelia , large amount and all types in plane site directly on top of his bedroom dresser ? They made me leave I thought when I got back they were trying to set me up to arrest me . Just didnt make any sense at all .Thank you so much ua adcanxe for any assistance offered to help clear some of this up for me .
  27. Effective claim for what? Apparently you bought items at a brick and mortar store without even looking at them. Even if the shop owner said the items were of "good" quality, that is a relatively meaningless assurance. You have stated no reason for a refund. Not sure what you are asking about the Sale of Goods Act. If you are suggesting the shop owner could not legally sell items she had received as gifts you are wrong. A gift becomes the property of the recipient and can be sold as any other item.
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