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  2. You have done a great job of explaining your view of the facts. If the case goes to trial the officer may have a different view. Then the judge will decide which story is likely more accurate. The issue you are presenting is not a legal issue, it is a fact issue and we really can't intelligently decide such issues here. Good luck.
  3. If the deal is all cash and no mortgage lender is involved, there is no reason why your attorney can't do the closing. If I were the attorney I would insist on a title search. When I was doing real estate closings I also had a form I required the buyer to sign basically saying he or she agrees he or she is: stupid for not having a thorough title search; stupid for not buying owners title insurance; stupid for not having a survey; stupid for not having a home inspection; stupid for not having a termite inspection; has been advised by the attorney that all those things are critically important but chooses to save a few dollars and take the risk of losing their investment.
  4. I am afraid you are dealing with the wrong people. Trailers are treated like motor vehicles. It is likely the title to the trailer is owned by the person whose name was on the tax receipt, not the person who owns the land on which it is located. Have you tried to contact the title owner?
  5. This site deals in the laws of the United States of America. It also cannot be used to solicit representation by attorneys. Sorry.
  6. I am an 86 year old living in England. Until the events described here reduced me to a sick, housebound geriatric, I was a strong and healthy woman, active both physically and mentally. In April last year I was preparing to tow my caravan to Scotland, where I and my dog usually spent part of the year touring, when I was totally unexpectedly diagnosed with colon cancer. I had a successful right hemicolectomy in July - no adiuvant therapy being required, and left hospital 7 days later to recover at home. I had had a routine urinary catheter inserted for the op., and failed the TWOC test to have it remove d before leaving hospital. Having chosen to have it removed at home after discharge, this was done just 14 days post op. by a community nurse. I needed some advice during the night, and fatally, though entirely correctly, I telephoned the district nurse night line. For some unknown reason my call was routed to the 111 operator who said he was sending an ambulance to take me to A&E at the local hospital. I protested vigorously, explaining repeatedly that I only needed the district nurse for a routine procedure for which the service was responsible, but I was ignored and an uncomfortable, rattling ambulance with no paramedic in attendance carted me off to a 9 hour night of hell. After the usual several hours wait in this hospital's A&E, I was seen by an idiot doctor who said his hospital did not have as big a urological ward as one miles away in another county! My sister had arrived by now, and we both protested that I was not suffering from any urinary disorder but had retained an op. catheter and my district nurse was the one competent to help in a problem with this. We were both ignored, and I was by now extremely distressed and weak and have a total blackout of several hours until I woke up while being wheeled into the A&E dept. of another hospital. I was seen quite quickly by a doctor who listened carefully to my full story, and without physical examination said that of course I should not have been sent to his hospital, it was a complete waste of NHS resources and he was sending for an ambulance to take me home at once. He left he room and I asked the nurse who remained, and had heard my full history and age, if I could have an antiseptic wipe. She pointed instead to a handbasin across the room and left me alone. I got up, rinsed my hands and face, turned back and fainted, falling on the stone floor. I had fractures to the right femur, requiring a hip replacement, and a distal radial fracture to the right, dominant, wrist. I was in hospitals for 2 months, suffering indignities like refusal of a commode, particularly in rehab. for the hip. For a short while I made a little progress, but now I am extremely weak, I am developing other illnesses, I can hardly walk, and my right hand is useless. I was a skilled painter and needlewoman, but that is taken from me, as well as my ability to write, walk my dog and enjoy the outdoor life I so loved. I need daily help which is costing me £600 a month, and I have spent a small fortune on such things as physio and various private consultants - none of which has helped an none of which I can afford. The hospital in which I fell covered itself at once, I suspect, by staff colluding in lies. In my discharge letter my admission was stated to have been, not by ambulance against my will to A&E, whence their own doctor had discharged me, but that I had been an 'elective patient' into the urological ward. Breathtaking falsehood. I wonder if falls as a hospital in-patient are judged less strictly than those in A&E? Before leaving the place I was told that there had been an enquiry into my 'incident' and that the hospital was not liable. They refused to let me have or see a copy of the report. I want some recognition of the fact that carelessness and incompetence in NHS staff have effectively cost me my life, for I am too ill to enjoy any of this life I have left to me. I will not complain through any of the NHS channels in view of the lies and collusion evident. No Win No Fee lawyers say there is nothing they can do with any firm hope of success. Can anyone who has had the patience to read to the end of this monumental whinge, and who has any ideas that might help me, please reply. Many thanks.
  7. My husband and I found out about a mobile home park (large and slightly ran down place) that was selling some of the the mobile homes that needed various stages of of repair and prices starting at $500 and going up from there. We we're in desprite need of a place as our previous landlord sold the property he was renting us to someone else without telling us and the new guy gave us 45 days to get out. Anyway we looked at several of the trailers and settled on a newer one (late 90s early 00s) that had the best structure and needed the least amount of major work. Since someine stole the furnace water heater half the light fixtures and of course the stove and fridge and diswasher... And it only had 2 hole in the floor and a few broken windows but it was mostly just really dirty... Anyway they only charged us $500 to buy it outright and gave use 2 months free lot rent since they figured it be 2 months before we could move in... It took 2 weeks lol... Anyway they only gave us a receipt that said $500 paid for lot xxx in xxx park (its 2 parks in 1) and they said when they go to pay 2017 taxes they will inform us so we can get the title. Well its been 3 months since the tax bill came in our mailbox under some mans name and they have still not contacted us about the title. I asked them about it when we paid the rest of the lot rent on monday and the guy said you'll have to talk to mom about that she's out sick let me take your phone number again and ill have her call you... Ive talked to others in the oark that did the same thing and there are some that's been here 2-3 years and have not gotten a title and was told they cant move the home (most are too old anyway) i know our county requires it to have a peaked roof and be no more than 20 years old or have been 100% reconstructed with the peaked roof and proof of remodel ect.. Anyway we are wanting to buy a little land futher south in the county and after thw home was inspected was told it was ok to move as long as it isnt within city limits. Well I'm worried that 1.) they dont have the title at all 2.) If we try to move it without the title in our name they will try to cause problems say we are stealing it or something. The receipt doesnt say for the purchase of just paid on lot xxx so they could try to say that it was lot rent or something cause we get the same receipts when we pay lot rent. 3.) If we do something to make them mad and they try to kick us out i dont know what we'd do other than be out that $500 plus the costs of repairs... We've already put 500 just to make it livable. So I guess my questions are: 1.) Can we get a title in KY with nothing more than the receipt and the serial number if its in someones name other than the parks people? 2.) If we cant get the title for whatever reason can we still legally move it out of the park? What if we give them notice or something? 3.) If they decide they want us out of the park for whatever reason and we still dont have the title are we forced to leave it, ask them to buy it back, move it out too or can we resale it ourselves as long as we follow the parks guidlines for tenets (ie they run a background check cause its within 1000 yards of an elementary school) I love my little trailer but i dont want to keep putting money into something thats not truly mine. I know i should have gotten title with payment but they have over 250 trailers and they said they just took ownership of this one a few months before we bought it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. That's true, except we were discussing funeral arrangements, and so that got her to asking her husband about them, and then I was wondering. And then I have some questions about my own arrangements, getting answers from the company I bought the policy from is difficult.
  9. Hi All, I am in the process of buying a home. It is a cash purchase - a very low priced home. I don't want to buy title insurance. Title company handle settling only for buyers who buy title insurance. I want to find out, shouldn't my layer be able to take care of recording title, do the closing etc.? Should the lawyer be able to create the closing sheet with all the numbers? BTW, I did get a quote from title insurance company and they want $1800 for title search/settlement/title insurance. There are 11 smaller charges on the quote I got. Thanks. Joe
  10. He would have to have a 200ft long giraffe neck to snake around an entire building to see me leave from my stopped position. I highly doubt a small town officer is going to lie about where he was when he decided to stop me. Im not going to deny at any point that he could assume the sound come from my vehicle or that he didnt have probable cause but he most definitely did not see me come to a stop before I left the parking lot, nor did he see me start from that position. And considering I was well under the speed limit when I did pass his position he only has the sound to go on.
  11. Thank you
  12. You don't know what he saw or didn't see, only what he will say he saw when you go to court.
  13. What is with all these loser women with criminal boyfriends? This is about the 4th one online this week and it's only Monday.
  14. No law requires that the store give you copies of the video just because you ask for it. If you reported the attack to the police then the police/prosecutor can force the store to turn it over by subpoena if they want to see it and the store does not give it to them voluntarily. Apart from that if you sue the store and/or the persons who assaulted you you can seek the video from the store after the lawsuit is filed either by subpoena or through discovery. Your attorney will know what to do to get it. That store isn’t likely to keep that video for all that long, so if you want it I suggest you seek out a civil litigation attorney to represent you in the lawsuit and get things rolling quickly to hopefully get that video before it is destroyed.
  15. You probably received a Form 1099-A earlier for the foreclosure. There are two tax events that can occur in a foreclosure action. The foreclosure itself results in a sale of the home in order to get the lender cash to pay towards the mortgage loan. That foreclosure is treated like a sale of the home for the value of the property at the time of the foreclosure. Thus, the taxpayer realizes a gain or loss on that sale. That information is generally provided on a Form 1099-A. The gain or loss is generally figured by taking the value of the home reported on the Form 1099-A (or, if the taxpayer disputes the value and has a good argument for a different value, the taxpayer uses that value) and subtracting from that the taxpayer’s adjusted basis in the home. Of course, many foreclosures on personal residences result in tax loss, and a loss on personal residence is not deductible. It should have been reported anyway on the return for the year in which this occurred, but if there was a loss then there is no tax consequence and it won’t matter. After the foreclosure sale the amount of the loan left unpaid may end up being discharged by the lender or by a nonrecourse provision in the state law. If the former that is generally taxable income to the debtor under IRC § 108. If the latter the discharge under state law is not treated as a discharge of debt for federal income tax purposes. Either way the lender is going to send a Form 1099-C. While generally a discharge of debt by the lender is taxable income, there are two exceptions that may apply for a discharge of a mortgage debt on a personal residence. The first exception excludes a discharge of “qualified principal residence indebtedness”. However, for that to apply the discharge must have occurred prior to January 1, 2017 or there had to be a written agreement in place for providing that discharge prior to that date. A Form 1099-C issued for 2017 suggests the discharge occurred in 2017 and if that is the case you would not be eligible for that exception. But if you can confirm the discharge occurred earlier than that, this exception may help you. The second exception is the insolvency exception. Under that exception the debt discharged is not income to the extent you were insolvent on the day of the discharge. Where I do not know the exact date of the discharge for the client I typically use the last day of the year unless the taxpayer‘s financial situation had changed significantly during the year, in which it becomes more important to try to pin down the exact date, if possible. For example, suppose the discharged amount of the debt was $100,000. The taxpayer’s financial condition was pretty much the same for the whole year, and on 12/31/2017 he had $10,000 in assets and the only debt was the $100,000 loan that was then discharged. So before the discharge he was insolvent by $90,000 and after the discharge had a net worth of $10,000. In that situation, the taxpayer has $10,000 of discharged debt to include in income. For the $90,000 not included he may need to adjust other tax attributes to compensate for the exclusion. You’ll find more detailed explanations of the rules in IRS Publication 4681. Any other questions, of course, you can add to this thread.
  16. I was attacked at the Safeway in Ashland, Oregon. The store claims they have cameras. An employee of the Minute Markets at the south end of Ashland had tried to overcharge and steal from me. I caught him. He sent his friends out to intimidate me at the Safeway parking lot. I want the video from the Minute Market and Safeway so I of course can sue both businesses. They refuse, saying only the police can ask for things like that. Is this true? How to I get copies of the videos of the crimes committed against me. If anyone is interested, intentional infliction of emotional stress, false imprisonment, assault and attempted larceny are all acts committed against me. Oh, I am 64 if that matters.
  17. Yesterday
  18. He may complain to the prosecutor about it if he wants, but I suspect that no charges will ever result agains the cops for sending the dog up to there to get him. He knew he was wanted and purposely hid in the attic to avoid capture. The cops are allowed to send in the dog first for their safety. As to what happened once the dog got up there, well, your boyfriend’s story may not be the truth or at least not all of it. He’s not likely to tell you something that might be used against him later, after all, at least if he has any sense. If the jail or prison was negligent in providing him medical treatment for the injuries he had, however, he may have a good lawsuit against the jail/prison for that.
  19. I received a 1099-C for 2017 for my home which was foreclosed upon on 2015, How do I report this without paying a boatload of taxes. I believe I also received the same form for 2016.
  20. I would like to challenge this ticket entirely on the premise that the officer physically could not see me pulling from a stop. Was given the ticket by an officer sitting behind a building about 150" from where I pulled out of the gas station. He did not see me pull out, but instead heard my tires screech as I left. The gas station I left has a car wash attached which frequently runs off the raised lot into the street below that I was turning off into. While my tires did screech for a short second, I did not accelerate hard, speed, swerve, "burn out", or anything crazy. I simply let off the gas and continued on to coast until I needed to accelerate again - as normal. I can take pictures of the exact part of the lot I pulled out with, that will probably have water running off from the wash and has quite an incline. Will this help me as well? Officer flies out from behind building where he had no view point of me leaving the lot (in fact he was parked facing the opposite direction - and left his lot in such a manner that was MUCH more unsafe than my exit from the neighboring lot) and knabs me. I stop and the cop knows I live in town, hes seen me here a thousand times, and asks me if I still live in town and I answer "yes same address." This instantly tipped off his "super cop" senses and he insinuated I was being disingenuous about my identity and ask for my name, DOB, address and everything he had in front of him. Im annoyed at this point and have a right to be, officer asked me why I have an attitude and I dismiss it and he carries on, comes back with citation. Tells me he could take me straight to jail for street racing and acts as if Im getting off lucky. But his mood has changed entirely, Im pretty sure he knew he was writing me a bogus citation and is just hoping I pay it. I know good and well that the only reason I was given that ticket was because of my perceived "attitude", which isnt something you can bring up in court. I want to build my argument entirely on the fact that he did not physically see me leave the lot, my citation is worded by him as "Unsafe start from stop/ burnout / tire squeel" and check marked as selection #26.Other. And no, I did not do a burn out, there was no smoke, no sound past the initial skreech of the tires breaking lose on wet pavement and my exhaust which is STOCK but still loud.
  21. Actually, the question as I understand it makes perfect sense. A prisoner is given 23 days of some form of punishment by the Department of Corrections (DOC), presumably for the alleged escape. The state then subsequently charges the prisoner with the crime of escape and the OP wants to know if the state charges in that instance violates the Constitional protection against double jeopardy. The answer to that is no, it doesn't. A federal district court in Washington state explained it pretty clearly: Richardson v. Carter, No. C06-5324FDB-KLS, 2007 WL 1430285, at *5 (W.D. Wash. May 14, 2007).
  22. Nothing you describe violates the law. It may or may not violate the school's policies. If you didn't want "Bob" to discuss religion with your child it is confusing at best why you would tell the teacher religion is part of your solution for what is wrong. there is nothing inherently illegal about talking to your child about religion. If he is requiring your child to participate or profess to set beliefs as part of class, or in order to pass, that is different. Teachers are allowed to have opinions, contrary to popular belief. They are permitted to express those opinions. Whether or not hearing opinions you don't like as a parent is reason enough for your child to be permitted to leave class or be transferred to another class is up to the school (I'd be surprised if the answer were yes, especially with a 10 year old who must be supervised by an adult). Confirming certain students have been known to bully does not violate any laws. If he shared their grades or specific disciplinary actions taken against said students, it *might* violate FERPA (details and context matter). I would suggest focusing more on your son's health and medical condition and less on petty grievances with a teacher. Your child is much more important and 5th grade can be a scary and confusing time for a lot of kids. If you are unsure where to start, talk to the school guidance counselor or Principal. As you are religious, you could also have the child speak with your priest/pastor/minister/rabbi/shaman/spiritual leader if he is comfortable doing so.
  23. The police officers are NOT going to go into an attic to see if anyone is there before they send in the dog. That is what the dog is for! If the dog brought you friend to bay and he kicked the dog in the face he got what he should have expected. JEEZ!
  24. Texts, witnesses, promises made years ago, handshakes, whatever are not contracts. They are not binding. Neither are turning down other buyers or selling it for only what was owed. Court orders are also not optional. If you later decided you wanted to sell the house at some other point, then you should have sought a modification of the order in court. You took your chances violating it and lost. Your verbal agreement does not trump a court order. The court really doesn't care what other arrangements you discussed or what his new wife thinks of the order. They issued a binding order and you were bound by its terms. The house is no longer yours. It is no different than if it had been sold to some random person in town.
  25. Your question does not make sense. If you post the situation, you might get a response you can work with.
  26. There isn't a thing you can do about how the two of them conduct their marriage. It is up to her whether or not she wishes to continue the marriage or to seek the answers from him as to his finances and estate plans.
  27. When I got married and I saw my husband getting all kinds of mail, I decided to open his mail. Period. And I saw things that astounded me. We spoke about it, and he made some changes. But her marriage is different, and sad. She cannot support herself, he doesn't beat her up, he just does nothing in general to help. I am not sure if she had money to do so if she would live separate from him.
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